Sunday, April 14, 2019

blogger app has decided it won't work!

I have made a few posts that just won't publish.  So I've ditched the app for now. 
I'm pushing hard to finish my 2016 Renuleks Spring Napkin.  If its finished I won't feel bad starting the 2019 Spring Napkin.  To tell the truth I've done 2 rounds on the 2019 but I'm on the fence anout the colors.  I may decide to do it in a different color combo.
2016 is almost done!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Gird your loins!

Get ready the Spring Napkin 2019 is here!  Renata warns that this time it may last into the summer.  A new round will be posted at her blog every Thursday but you can also purchase the whole pattern with more details on Etsy.  Sounds like big fun.
Thank you Renata for bringing this to tatting again this year!
P.s. still working on 2016....