Friday, December 6, 2019

Holly Jolly Christmas Tree

I realised that I have lost the Holly Jolly Christmas Tree pattern from this blog.  I suspect it didn't get changed over when I made a separate page for my patterns.  So given that its the time of year that everyone is thinking of Christmas Trees, I have added it back to the page.  The link is also below:
Holly Jolly Christmas Tree

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Tall Christmas Tree Pattern

Christmas is fast approaching and if you are giving tatted gifts you are probably already frantically tatting.  This Christmas Tree pattern came to me the other day and made me think of cartoon style Christmas Trees.  The Pattern is diagrammed below.  The dark circles are 3mm crystal beads, you add them to the tatting by pulling a loop through the bead and then holding with a paperclip.  Then you tat 6 ds and make a lock join to the space held by the paperclip.  Think of this as a beaded mock ring- the bead takes up half the ring.  I put a double stitch between each of the beaded mock rings.  Most the the outside rings are mock rings too with the exception of the first ring.  On the large tree I used a split chain on the one side so I didn't have to cut and tie.  You can do it either way.   
Don't forget this pattern because a quick change in color and in the trunk can make these trees into umbrella's for spring!

Monday, October 21, 2019

Boo-yah ghost

I thought I was so smart figuring out tatting a circle around the cluny but then I saw it on Instagram lol.  Not as smart as I thought I was...

Boo-yah Ghost

All clunies are 12 passes.

Clunny (1)
Chain 14, lock join to beginning of cluny
Chain 14, lock join to end of cluny
Cluny (2)
Chain 14, alligator join between clunies
Chain 14, lock join to end of clunny 2
(Note that if you want a smooth ring do a Catherine Wheel join instead of lock, I found it didn't make a difference)
Chain 24
Clunny (3)
Chain 4
Chain 4
Clunny (4)
Chain 24, lock join above outside lock join on eye
Chain 8
SCMR 2 p 1 p 1 p 1 p 1 p 2
Chain 8, lock join same as previous lock join
Chain 20
SCMR 2 p 2
Chain 20, lock join to eye
Chain 8
SCMR 2 p 1 p 1 p 1 p 1 p 2
Chain 8, join to beginning
and hide ends

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Pumpkin Purse Charm!

So my hands are sore ftom tatting with Lizbeth metallic.  (Love it....we just need black...)  So to give them a rest I decided to make clunnies lol.  At least it gave my hand a chance to cramp in a different position!   The result are a couple Halloweenish motifs.  The first is the pumpkin purse charm...

Pumpkin Purse Charm

Note all clunnies are 12 passes.

Start with a cluny (1)
Chain 10
Cluny (2), lock join to start of 1st cluny
Chain 4
Clunny (3), lock join to start of 2nd cluny
Chain 10
Cluny (4), lock join to start of 3rd cluny
Chain 4
Cluny (5), lock join to start of 4th cluny
Chain 10
Cluny (6), lock join to start of 5th cluny
Chain 6, lock join to above space where the 3rd and 4th cluny join
Chain 6, lock join to start of cluny 1
Switch colors to green, turn work
Chain 10, lock join above middle clunies
Chain 10, lock join to end of cluny 6,
Slt, turn work
Chain 12, lock join above 3rd and 4th cluny,
Chain 12, lock join same place
Chain 12, join and tie off at cluny 1

Saturday, October 19, 2019

A little twisted...

The famous twisted nature of the Lizbeth metallic thread has struck again!  I usually keep this ball in this pod like bag but not when tatting from it, so I have a little tangle.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Every Witch Way

I started the Every Witch Way pattern by Barbara Benson.  Its very addictive...

Thursday, September 19, 2019

I wish I were at the Fringe Element Tatdays 2019

I'm not able to go to the Fringe Element Tatdays this year but I am still able to be there in heart. I invite you to do the same with this pattern called Ballroom Blitz

Its called that because it kinda looks like the anarchy sign a bit and I had an image of the rebellious tatters rioting through the hotel with shuttle and needles in hand to get to the vending tables lol. Also the weekend is a riot of tatting!

Ballroom Blitz Heart
Vicki Clarke 2019

R- ring
C- chain
SCMR- self closing mock ring
vsp- very small picot
lj- lock join
p- picot
AJ- alligator join, put the ball thread behind area indicated and the shuttle (needle) thread in front then continue tatting

Center:           R         3 vsp 6 vsp 6 vsp 6 vsp 3

Round 1
C                     3 lj (1st vsp) 5
SCMR                        4 p 4
C                     5 lj (2nd vsp) 5
SCMR                        4 p 4
C                     5 lj (3rd vsp) 5
SCMR                        4 p 4
C                     5 lj (4th vsp) 3 lj (beginning)

Round 2

C         16 AJ (base of 1st SCMR) 12 AJ (base of 2nd SCMR) 12 AJ (base of 3rd SCMR) 16 join to beginning.  Add tail of 20 lock stitches and tassel