Thursday, March 30, 2017

If you're in Ottawa on Sunday

If you are in Ottawa this weekend and would like to see some lace the 29th Annual Lace Day is occuring on Sunday (and not Saturday like I keep telling people).  They have vendors and displays at the RA Center.  Its a great opportunity to get some tatting supplies.
Unfortunately they seem to coincide with the Finger Lakes Seminar every year so I miss it.  I will be in sunny Lodi this weekend for loads of tatting fun.  I've brought my favorite chocolates to celebrate International Tatting Day.  If you are heading there this weekend come over and say Hi!...I'll have mint chocolates from Laura Secord to share assuming I don't eat them all on the drive down.


Sunday, March 26, 2017

Not as smart as I thought I was...

I joined to the wrong spot.  If you look at the picture you can see I skipped a chain and joined to the next one.  Unfortunately I'd already made the next ring so it was painful to think of undoing everything...
So I thought I'll use split chain technique in reverse to get to the join, redo the join and then use split chain technique to finish the chain.
Which works except...
How do you undo the join?  Couldn't figure that out so I ended up cutting the ball thread to undo the join and join to the right place.  I finished the chain using split chain technique.  Not quite the way I thought it would happen but I didn't need to retro tat the ring... So I was kinda SMRT

Monday, March 20, 2017

As requested...

Sorry I guess I wasn't thinking and it didn't occur to me yesterday that you might want to see the wrist warmer attempts.
This one of the wrist warmers.  I've done a few unmatched pairs because the tops are all slightly different.  There's still some changes to be made depending on the top of the wrist warmer.
They are suprisingly comfy.  If you've tried tatting with wool before you know that really fuzzy wool doesn't tend to work.  Its too hard to close the rings and it tends to break.  The alegria is more sturdy and less fuzzy than other types I've tried. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Alegria addiction

I've tatted myself to a standstill.  I've been addicted to tatting with this Manos del Uruguay yarn called Alegria.  Its a cozy superwash merino blend that I bought for a crochet project but ended up using it for tatting.  Cause I use everything for tatting.
Unfortunately there is a limit to how long my thumbs will cooperate.  No pictures yet but the yarn ended up being tatted wrist warmers. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Squirrel! Moment

This is my squirrel moment yesterday.  I wanted to measure how much thread is needed for a motif I'm teaching at The Great Lakes Lace Guild in May. So I wound 6 yards of this great green thread from Karey Solomon on the shuttle CTM with the ball of thread. I made the first ring and then went to stir a pot of soup.
I came back, got distracted organizing some other tatting stuff and realized that I needed to finish a completely different motif.  The green thread on the shuttle matched so I pick it up and started tatting.  I was on the second ring before it hit me I was using the 6 yards shuttle!  D'oh!
I debated retro tatting then decided to forge ahead.  The motif I actually finished (not the one I originally started) is for some kits I donate to the fundraiser at the Finger Lakes Tatting Seminar.  So if your planning to attend bring a dollar for the kit.  I'm calling the project the rose bud snowflake (pic below).  You can't see from the picture but there is a diamond shaped gem in the middle.  Inspired by Diane's ice drops.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Split Chain Question

I'm a huge fan of split chains but I know others don't feel the same.  I like to use them as a design element but it brings up an interesting question- is it still a split chain if there is no split? 
If you look at the example below you can see that there are chains linking to the center ring.  Would you consider these split chains? And what about the ones made on shuttle 2 thread? I think of them as split chains because I still attach to a vsp and then tat back to the main line of tatting.  Just curious as to people's thinking on what makes a split chain.
Did I mention that I really like split chains?

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Finally done!

I have finally finished what has seemed to be everlasting project!  These 4 doilies are for my business partner's (Sal) aunt in England.  They are for her to use in celebration of their spiritial leader's (the Aga Khan) diamond jubilee.  You can't see in the picture but I used preciosa crystals in the center and around the outside edge. 
I had some issues because I ordered thread that didn't come in time.  When I realised this was going to happen I adapted the original plan.  I changed the size of thread so I had less tatting to get to a certain size in a short period of time and used a readily available thread from the local yarn store.  The result is softer than Lizbeth thread but seems to suit the project.  Unfortunately I've developed at wicked case of tendonitis in my forearms.  I'm not sure but I think the higher quality Lizbeth thread would not have cased such a severe problem. 
I used Renulek's Spring Napkin 2015 as the base design and added a row of beaded mignonette tatting  around the outside. The final row is beads only.  I sewed 6mm and 3mm preciosa crystals into the center.