Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Stumpy Corn Cob

A few years ago I was tatting a lot of the Stumpy bookmark by Kersti Anear. This is a classic pattern and strangely enough it was the first time I tatted it. I used Kerry Solomon's Hand dyed and thread the combo of the thread with pattern reminded me of a corn cob. I started to fiddle around to see if I could add a husk to the pattern to make it look more like a corn cob. I think I was sucessful. It sat for awhile and finally in August I asked Kersti If it was ok to share the addition to the pattern. Kersti immediately said yes. Its taken me a couple of months fiddling around but I finally have a usable pattern. There is no advanced techniques in this project other than a slt and do not reverse work. (other versions were more complicated)
A big Thank You to Kersti Anear for allowing me to share the addition.
To make this pattern you need to tat the Stumpy Bookmark by Kersti Anear but change Ring B to : 5 p 7 p 7 p 5 The pattern can be found here: 
Terms: R- ring, C- chain, tw-turn work, slt- shoe lace trick, + - join, p- picot, lj- lock join 

Corn Husk Addition 
Shuttle- 2.5 yards on shuttle, needles: normal tail 
R1 1 p 1 
C 14 
R2 4 + (p between rings on middle trefoil) 4 
C 12 
R3 4 + (p between next ring and end trefoil) 4 C 12 
R4 4 + (p between large and small ring on end trefoil) 4 
C 12 
R5 4 + (p on large ring) 4 
C 12 
R6 4 + (p between large and small ring on end trefoil) 4 
C 12
R7 4 + (p between next ring and end trefoil) 4 C 12 
R8 4 + (p between rings on middle trefoil) 4 
C 14 slt tw 
R9 1 p 1 Do not reverse work 
C slt 15 
R10 4 + (above previous ring) 4 
C 10 
R11  4 + (above next ring) 4 
C 12 
R12  4 + (above next ring) 4 
C  16 
R13  4 + (above next ring) 4 
C  12 
R14  4 p 4 
C  6 p 6 lj (p on previous ring) 12 
R15  4 + (same as R13) 4 
C  16 
R16  4 + (above next ring) 4 
C  12 
R17  4 + (above next ring) 4 
C  10 
R18  4 +(above next ring) 4 
C  15 Join to beginning

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Orange Shirt Day 2021/ National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

Hi everyone, it's Orange Shirt Day in Canada.  I've added a link so you can learn about why Orange shirts, Residential Schools and what they represent.   In the summer I posted a pattern to highlight the Orange Shirt and the living history it represents.  This is the link to the pattern Every Child Matters .  I invite you to spend a few moments educating yourself about the Residential Schools and the consequences for the survivors and descendants.
The recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission are here

A national Indian Residential School Crisis Line has been set up to provide support for residential school survivors and others affected. People can access emotional and crisis referral services by calling the 24-hour national crisis line: 1-866-925-4419.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

I wish I was at Palmetto tatdays 2021!

This weekend is the Palmetto Tatdays and I'm stuck at home.  If you don't know what Tatdays to are then go check out the Palmetto tatting Guild's website.  All is explained there.  Basically Tatters congregate from all over to take classes, tat and talk tatting.  There are amazing teachers and vendors.  Lots of fun is had.  
Every year I send a pattern and kit down for the welcome bags.  I also share the same pattern here so that those of use that are missing out can feel the excitement of tatting something new.  This year's pattern is the Winding Road Motif.  Believe it or not it starts at the small ring at the bottom of the picture and winds around finally ending where it began.  I hope to have a tutorial this weekend available on YouTube.

Winding Roads Motif, Vicki Clarke 2021

Materials: 4 9mm buttons shuttle or needle 5 yards thread 
  Round 1 
 Wind 2 yards on shuttle do not cut from ball, needle tatters regular tail
 R 4 p 4 
 C 8 lj (to button 1) 
 C 8 p 8 lj (to button 2) 
 C 8 p 8 
 R 4 p 4 
 C 8 + (previous p on chain) 8 lj (to button 3) C 8 p 8 lj (to button 4)
 Move chain so that it wraps around the opposite chain 
 C 8 + (base of 1st ring) 

  Round 2

After the last join on round 1 the line of tatting will curve around so you are tatting around the outside in the direction of the last button added 
 C 12 lj (next hole on button 4) 12 lj (skip a hole, join to next hole) 
 C 6 lj (hole on button 3) 12 lj (skip a hole, join to next hole) 
 C 12 AJ (around where the 2 chains between button 2 and 3 are joined) 
 C 12 lj (hole on button 2)12 lj (skip a hole, join to next hole) 
 C 6 lj (hole on button 1) 12 lj (skip a hole, join to next hole) 
C 12 join to beginning ring. Cut ends, hide thread

Sunday, August 22, 2021

this weekend....

The Palmetto tatdays starts on Thursday this week.  As usual I sent down a pattern and kit for the welcome bags   I will post the pattern Thursday-ish but a picture of the motif is below.  To tat this you will need 9mm buttons and size 20 Lizbeth thread.  The kit comes with the 9 mm buttons but I left the thread color up to the individual.  Please join me this weekend in tatting the pattern as part of the Annual "I wish I was at Palmetto tatdays" weekend.  I encourage you to check out the Palmetto tatting Guild to find out more of what will be going on this weekend.

Friday, August 13, 2021


I follow a lot of you tube vlogs.  Some of them are by Cross Stitchers (they like to call it floss-tube).   I do cross stitch but mostly on perforated paper because it's easy to finish.   Many cross stitchers use something called floss drops.  Basically it's something we to hold the thread so it doesn't tangle, plus it looks pretty.
The floss-tuber Michelle on "Momma loves you GB" figured out you can use business cards to make floss drops.  Basically you punch a small hole in the top and a large hole in the bottom. (I haven't done that yet in the picture).  She suggested doing a trade and  called it #thegreatflossdroptrade on Instagram.  I decided I must join in so I ordered cards with a favorite picture.  I wish I had placed the picture slightly lower but it's otherwise perfect.   
The idea is you send 12 cards punched with the holes and one with your name and contact.  
However, I'm mostly a Tatter so you know what that means...bling it up!

I used a pin to make 4 holes in the bottom of the card and did some quick tatting.  I've used the beads to hide the ends. This will be my signature card!

I believe the cards would also be awesome as thread holders for tatting!

Monday, August 2, 2021

beautiful day

It's been a beautiful Monday here at my cottage.  I spent the day tatting and cross stitching (poorly).  Deana Mackenzie shared these emoji beads with me 2 years ago and I found the perfect thread to go with them.  I figure they will make cute scissor dangles.
I also finished a cross stitch Russian Doll ornament from the Gift Of Stitching Magazine.  I chose to make it on perforated paper instead of the called for cloth.  Unfortunately the finishing instructions for the face kinda make her look a little tawdry.  Or maybe she has false eyelashes....