Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Yarnvent Calendar

I love advent calendars.  I make or buy them for my neices and nephews every year.  Last year I was amazed to realise that they do yarn advent calendars but I don't really need lots of random yarn so they didn't quite work for me.  
This year I was delighted to find out that Log House Cottage Yarns had a micro mini skein advent.  This means that each day you get around 25 yards of yarn which is more than enough for my evil plan and not a huge expenditure of money.  I am using the yarn in 2 ways. The first is in a crocheted long narrow scarf using a grey speckle yarn from Log House Cottage Yarns as the main colour and the advent yarn as a strip of bobbles.  Bobbles just seem festive to me.  The second way I'm using the yarn is to make crocheted puff flowers.  My neice tried to claim one the other day so I'm pretty sure they will end up in a blanket for her.  I'm thinking that I can crochet around each flower with a green yarn to make squares and then join them together. Which means I get to but more yarn!
Don't worry I haven't abandoned tatting and will have a new tree pattern available soon as I do the other things I'm supposed to do! lol