Monday, June 23, 2008


I've been tagged by singtatter (just learned how to make a link!)

Here are the rules:
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3. Share 6 unimportant things about yourself.
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6 unimportant things:

1. My grandmother had a terrible fear of snakes and taught me to be afraid of them as well. She used to put out moth balls to keep the snakes out of her garden. When I was a child I had nightmares about them being in my bed. Snakes aren't very big or dangerous in Canada so its silly to be afraid of a garter snake.

2. I love donuts. I can't stand the crappy donuts that they serve in most coffee shops (Tim Hortons) but I love the real bakery donuts.

3. I hate going to movie theaters. I know its a date killer but why go somewhere you can't talk and you can't see your date. I've never been to a drive- in- movie, but I would like to try it sometime.

4. My favorite movie is Zoolander. Its been a few years and I'm still laughing. I love Ben Stiller's jokes but it always takes me awhile to catch up. I'm too literal to get the jokes the first time but I giggle later.

5. I don't own a computer.

6. I love to read silly romance novels. Except now I realize that I'm older than the female characters. In fact, I'm the same age as most of the guys and I'm starting to question their judgment!
I'm supposed to tag 4 people...

Monday, June 9, 2008

What's on TV.

My mom and my sister are always giving me a hard time about having my tatting or crafts out in the living room or sitting room. I figure that's unfair since they have their major hobby (watching TV) taking up an entire section of their house. If they can have their hobby sitting in every room why can't I? The angel above is from the be-stitched web site, its very simple to make and takes little time but is so pretty.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summertime Goals

We've had the first truly hot day here in Ottawa so I thought that I would share some of my goals for the summer:

1.) Complete the TAT apprentice phase. I have thought about doing this for a couple years now but didn't really have the money to spare (even though its not expensive). Keep in mind that until last year the Canadian Dollar was significantly much lower than the USD. Naturally it required that I get more thread and I am waiting for the threads to arrive right now. Although I have LOTS of thread I have no size 20 cordonet thread. I have ordered flora thread size 20 from Handy Hands tatting.

2.) In January I bought a house that was basically gutted on the inside and with the help of my PARENTS (no, your children never grow up and stop depending on you) I am fixing it up. My goals for this summer is basically painting:

kitchen (2nd coat)- grey
trim- oxford white (inside and out, some are currently a very ugly green)
living room wainscoting and bathroom - beige/brown
bedrooms- unknown colors and probably wallpaper, in old houses you really don't have much of a choice.

3.) Vegetable garden- needs to be reclaimed from a very obnoxious weed

4.) running 5km 3 times a week, I also want to find a soccer league close to where I live

5.) Work on knitted lace. I am starting bobbin lace classes this fall and the teacher asked if I knew how to do knitted lace and I said yes. Apparently it makes a difference if you know other kinds of lace. I haven't done it in awhile so I need lots and lots of practice. I guess everyone is getting a lace scarf this fall. I'm doing some practice runs (the scarves) and then will start a doily... wish me luck.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Finished round

This is the finished first round of the snowflake. As you can see it is a little lopsided. I don't think that I will do the outside round, instead I will used this for something else. I am going to do another version of this pattern but will change the picot size as well as the spaces between the rings. I may also add beads to hold the space between the rings constant. I think part of the reason I'm not crazy about this kind of pattern is that I usually don't need to block a piece. This style definitely needs to be blocked and stiffened.

I forgot to include this bookmark when showing you what I sent to Meme for the round robin exchange. Instead of doing a traditional tail off the top or the bottom of the heart I tatted around to the side of the heart and then did the tail. It doesn't show up in the picture but where it curves around the outside of the heart looks like little waves. If you do 4 hs and 1 ds it creates a curving wave effect.