Monday, June 23, 2008


I've been tagged by singtatter (just learned how to make a link!)

Here are the rules:
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6 unimportant things:

1. My grandmother had a terrible fear of snakes and taught me to be afraid of them as well. She used to put out moth balls to keep the snakes out of her garden. When I was a child I had nightmares about them being in my bed. Snakes aren't very big or dangerous in Canada so its silly to be afraid of a garter snake.

2. I love donuts. I can't stand the crappy donuts that they serve in most coffee shops (Tim Hortons) but I love the real bakery donuts.

3. I hate going to movie theaters. I know its a date killer but why go somewhere you can't talk and you can't see your date. I've never been to a drive- in- movie, but I would like to try it sometime.

4. My favorite movie is Zoolander. Its been a few years and I'm still laughing. I love Ben Stiller's jokes but it always takes me awhile to catch up. I'm too literal to get the jokes the first time but I giggle later.

5. I don't own a computer.

6. I love to read silly romance novels. Except now I realize that I'm older than the female characters. In fact, I'm the same age as most of the guys and I'm starting to question their judgment!
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  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I love zoolander too...especially the "walk off" and the "freak gasoline accident".

    My gran is terrified of snakes too!

  2. I was terrified of garter snakes as a child. I don't think it's silly at all for a child to be scared of snakes.

  3. I am scared to death of snakes. I'll share three of my snake stories some day. Brrr! I just got the chills thinking about them!

  4. I too have nightmares on snakes when I'm younger. Not that I remembered close encounter with them, but somehow I had the nightmares occassionally. I plucked up a lot of courage when I had a photo taken with a snake on my neck in a temple tour to Malaysia during my university days. That's the one and only time!


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