Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Now for something new...

I haven't been posting very much for the last year or 2.  Partly because of personal stuff and partly because I've been trying to learn the art of pattern writing.  Its harder than you think to make projects, write out the patterns and then proof those patterns.  I occasionally share pictures but then feel bad because I'm nowhere near publishing them.  I hate to be a tease! 

What I finally realised is that I need to start with something small.  So this summer I've worked on grouping a collection of pendants into a book. These patterns use semi-precious beads as the base for a tatted pendant.  The shapes and sizes of the stones vary and seeds beads are used in a few patterns.  The book contains diagrams and full color pictures of the pendants.  I've called it "Tatting the Stone" (I stole the title from Romancing the Stone.  Do you remember that movie? I love that movie.) 

The book will be available this weekend for the first time anywhere this weekend at the Fringe Element Tatting Weekend.  Tatting the Stone has 22 pages with 16 patterns. 

The cover of the book

A few of the pendants included in the book.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Change in Settings

because Jane said so....
My dog always growls at me when she wants me to do something.  So when Jane growled on her blog about comments and even provided instructions I listened.    The comment settings have been changed so you don't need to do the word verification.  Its kinda silly idea considering they distort the letters so you can barely read them.  I always get the word verification wrong the first and have to try again.  It lets you try indefinitely so how does that stop spam?
On another note, I watched the streamed video of the Palmetto tat off on Friday night.  I did it on my i-phone (small fortune but I was too lazy to go to Tim Horton's) so it didn't come through great but the giggling sure did.  I'm not sure I could tat with all that heckling and certainly not blind folded.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Making stuff...

I meant to post these pictures last weekend. I made a tulle skirt for my niece's Halloween costume. She's going to be a scarecrow. My sister got me to make a bunch of tulle skirts last year as Christmas gifts so she knew I had tulle. I've made a few extra, once you get on a roll you can't stop. They're very easy to make. They also make neat head pieces.