Monday, September 10, 2012

Change in Settings

because Jane said so....
My dog always growls at me when she wants me to do something.  So when Jane growled on her blog about comments and even provided instructions I listened.    The comment settings have been changed so you don't need to do the word verification.  Its kinda silly idea considering they distort the letters so you can barely read them.  I always get the word verification wrong the first and have to try again.  It lets you try indefinitely so how does that stop spam?
On another note, I watched the streamed video of the Palmetto tat off on Friday night.  I did it on my i-phone (small fortune but I was too lazy to go to Tim Horton's) so it didn't come through great but the giggling sure did.  I'm not sure I could tat with all that heckling and certainly not blind folded.


  1. lucky you got to watch, I ended up working, and have watched a bit of it this weekend.

  2. So are we going to try tatting blindfolded at canada?


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