Friday, June 30, 2023

A Very Canadian Tat-a-long 2023 Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of the Very Canadian Tat-a-long! I hope you enjoy this few minutes of tatting.

A Very Canadian Tat-a-long 2023

Vicki Clarke


Rlj- reverse lock join.  Switch the threads while making a lock join by passing the ball thread through the lock join before taking up  the slack on the join.  You will need this on Day 2

C chain

R ring

Vsp  very small picot

Lj lock join.  Remember that above every lock join a very small picot is made and this is a place that we will use to join to later.

SCMR    self closing mock ring

Ss switch shuttles


2 shuttles or 1 needle

Red and white thread (about 4 yards of each if using size 20 thread)

Day 1

2 shuttles, 1 with red thread, 1 with white thread

Start with red thread

R             10 vsp 10

Add white thread for a white chain

Round 1

C             14 lj (vsp on R) 14 lj (to beginning of round)

Round 2

C             3 vsp 3 vsp 3 vsp 3 vsp 3 vsp 3 lj (vsp of last round) 3 vsp 3 vsp 3 vsp 3 vsp 3 vsp 3 lj (beginning of round)


See you tomorrow

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Coming Soon- A Very Canadian Tat-a-long 2023

For the last few years I've shared a mini tat-a-long leading up to Canada Day and the 4th of July. This year the Very Canadian Tat-a-long will only be 2 days, starting on Friday and ending on Saturday. You will need red and white thread and 2 shuttles if you are a shuttle tatter. Needle tatters only need one needle. For this year you will use something called a reverse lock join. Fortunately the amazing Jane Eborall has instructions for this join here The 4th of July tat-a-ling will start in July 2nd and will last 3 days. You will need thread on red, white and blue.

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Welcome June!

Its almost June and the beginning of Pride Month! For those of you that may be crlebrating or have friends celebrating here's the link to Progressive Pride Flag Pattern and the Rainbow Heart for Pride Pattern. I hope you enjoy tatting these patterns and giving them as a gift too. ps you can also email me for the pattern.