Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tax time

In Canada taxes are due at the end of April and I'm currently working on finishing up my taxes. So its tax time not tat time.

This year I'm left wondering where the money went. Not that I've made a lot but just that I made more than it felt like at the time. I'm a fairly frugal person, I don't have a drug or alcohol problem and I didn't consider my purchases excessive in 2009. I did a lot of work on my house and most of my purchases have been for household stuff... and I might have spent SOME money on tatting stuff (why isn't tatting a tax write off?). I feel like there should be more money at the end of the year. I guess my money tree didn't grow this year...this spring I'll plant another loonie (Canadian dollar coin) and see what happens.

Update: Good news/bad news...I didn't waste as much money as I thought, I just missed a line. Bad news is that this line changed my income dramatically and I made less money in 2009 than 2008 (not surprising considering the economy). I feel much better about the way I handle my money but not so good about my income.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Home again

I had a great time at the Hector Tat Days. The new location at the Lodi Fire Hall worked out really well. The lighting was much better, there was more space and the bathrooms had more than one toilet! As usual the food was great and so were the classes. I took Ginny's Shirley Angel Class. I'm ashamed to tell you that poor Shirley's head did not turn out... I managed to make it inside out. I lost some steam after that and didn't finish it but I'm going to take some time this weekend and try again. Every year its hard to decide what classes to take and this year there were great choices. I'm hoping to work through the booklet and make all the angels. I'm not very good at following directions, fortunately I have the option of only sharing successful attempts.

The speaker we had on Saturday night was very good and I enjoyed her talk. Unfortunately I can't remember her name but she was very gracious. While she was speaking Ginny and I goofed around drawing out a pattern for a sugar skull. Yes, Ginny I have something to send you. I'm actually very excited about my descent into morbid designing. Its been fun. I've been entertaining myself with names for the collection like Hallow'tats, Lace of the Living Dead or the Tatful Dead. There's a large doily in all this I just know it.

In case you are shocked by this dark line of tatting I'd like to point out that Martha started it with her Pearl Tatted Skeleton, Halloween Bling (skull bracelet) and the brains (links provided below). I sound like a 5 year old defending why she's drawing on the wall. All I can say is that Martha Started It!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

See you at Hector

Tomorrow I'm getting into my car and driving to the finger lakes area for the Hector Tatting Days. Hopefully the border guard will let me through and won't get confused about Tatting. Last year it took me awhile to convince him that I wasn't going to a tattoo convention. In fact, he was right suspicious of me and I thought that he might search my car.

Am I ready? Well, to tell the!
There's a whole lot of things that I meant to do but for the life of me I can't remember what they were. Isn't that annoying? I know I have to pack but what I'm not sure. The weather has been so changeable lately.

I also haven't spent anytime making a list of wants and needs in tatting supplies. I know I want Ginny's new book and definitely a few more from Karey. I would also like to pick up one of Iris Niebach's books. Although I have lots of clover shuttles I never seem to have an empty one so I will purchase another 5 pack. Lastly, I will be purchasing some thread probably in the Altin Basak. I have to figure out a way to keep track of what I've already purchased so I think that tonight will involve cutting thread samples so I don't get duplicate colors. I might get so Lizbeth thread just because the colors are so spectacular but I really don't need to start another collection of threads.

If you are coming pop over and say Hi.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Give away winner and pendant exchange

Its time to announce the winner of the necklace giveaway. I know I said Saturday but events conspired for it to be otherwise. This morning I got our massage therapist to draw a name from the pile and sewmuchfun4 won the draw. I've sent her an email and hopefully the package will be in the mail by the end of the week.

On a similar note I finished my exchange pendant for intatters about a week ago. Its had its highest level of approval- my sister liked it. Unfortunately time caught up with me and I didn't get it sent out before today. I never have a problem getting an exchange package ready but I seem to have an issue actually getting it in the mail. Today is the day and it's being sent out as we speak!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy International Tatting Day!

Its a beautiful day here in Ottawa to sit in the sun and tat. Unfortunately I'm stuck in the office but I hope to catch a few moments to tat later. As you may know the traditional activities for the day are the following:

1. Eat all the chocolate you desire.
2. Wear a little tatting and tell everyone you meet about it.
3. tat only for yourself, only what you want to tat
4. remember those that came before you and have contributed to the art.

Instead of showing what I'm tatting today I'm sharing a picture of the coasters I made last fall. The pattern is from Mary Konoir's book Tatting with Visual Patterns done in size 10 navy thread. I made 4 coasters but the 4th one is currently MIA. As you can tell, my sewing abilities are limited.
Just for fun and to honor International tatting day I'm doing a give-away. Its simple, just leave a comment and your name. I will do the draw on Saturday. The prize is this tatted necklace.
I wish everyone a great day!