Thursday, January 16, 2020

Super Nova Star and a Fundraiser

This is a pic of the project I am teaching this spring at the Fingerlakes Tatting Seminar.  It is a 3-d star  that uses a cabone ring as the center.  This project can be done by both needle and shuttle tatters.  You will learn how to tat around a cabone ring in class so don't worry if you haven't don it yet.  

In other news Wally Sosa is doing a fundraiser for Puerto Rico until the end of January.  If you purchase anything from her store all proceeds will go to a fund to purchase tents for people who have lot their homes.  Wally is from Puerto Rico and has family affected by the earthquakes.  There is more information on her timeline on Facebook (and my facebook timeline Victats Clarke).  If you don't know Wally Sosa then I invite you to check her out at her Etsy store called Needles-n-Shuttles.  Wally is a long time tatter with many books and patterns available, check her out there is sure to be something that will interest you!