Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wedding Jitters

I thought I hit publish on this note 2 weeks ago. Jessica's wedding has passed and it was lovely. She had her outdoor evening wedding on the nicest day of the summer...Lucky girl. The rest is the note I wrote 2 weeks ago:

My sister is getting married on the 23rd so I'm making her ring pillow. I have all of the elements done but I just have to assemble it. Every time I think I'm going to have a moment to work on it something comes up. Next week I'll be worrying about the tent and stuff so its getting a little down to the wire here...I think that I am going to be spending a few nights this week finishing it. The other thing I have to do is an edging on her hanky. I think that I need to keep it very simple, its too bad because there's some edgings that would be great! Oh well...time is short and the hanky was a late addition to the plan.

The ring bearer's pillow is a pre-made heart with lots of white machine lace that I stripped down to the bare pillow. If you've read some of my earlier posts you've read (heard) me whine about mignonette tatting. What I didn't say about it is that it works up quick and looks very frilly as an edging. So, I did black mignonette tatting for the edging. For the first round I did the rings every 1/2 inch or so and then sewed them onto the pillow. I sewed the stitches so the thread went top to bottom and Guess what? this angles the lace downwards. No, I'm not kidding. I did two rounds and no matter how I fluff it up, it wants to angle downwards. If I flip the pillow, the lace sits perfect, no downwards angle! If I wasn't afraid of damaging the pillow by ripping out more stitches I would cut it off and sew it on again. The lesson here is consider the direction of your stitches when attaching edging. I'm going to use hairspray to make it sit the way I want!

Special note after the wedding: The edging on the pillow looked fantastic when just sprayed but hairspray really doesn't stand up to a 4 year old boy's handling. So it was a little wilted by the time he went down the aisle. Pictures will be coming soon.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Christmas in July

Here are the pictures of the package I received from Susan for the Christmas in July exchange. It was a lovely package... of course the chocolate that came in the package is long gone so no pictures of chocolate!
I really like the cute little tins that the earrings came packaged in. I forgot to include a picture of the Betty Boop tin.