Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas comes too quickly...

So Christmas is nigh and I'm wondering where the time went. Its definitely past time to draw a name from those who helped me with pattern suggestions. I got the most honest person I know our clinic director Hafeez, to draw a name out of a pile and he pulled out Connie. Connie can you send me your address information and fave colors? I was so happy with all who responded that if you email me at with your address I'll send you a thank-you gift!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More answers...

I've gotten a few more answers...

Sally's favorite was Jane's butterfly but since her sister Jane already chose that she went for her bauble at: . To find the pattern look in the right column, they're so fun. Its so nice to see sisters getting along and sharing, the same situation with my sister would result in a death match! (just kidding)

Isdihara's favorite pattern at the moment is Wendy Durell's 4 ring snowflake. The pattern can be found at

Connie's contribution was "Erin H. tatted last year in church and is one of today's online tatting class patterns that she so kindly donated and named Connie's Snowflake. (I liked it even before she named the snowflake) You can find this snowflake at:"

Gina thought about it for awhile then came up with her answer:
" year I was in a Christmas RR tatted ornament. I used it as an excuse to tat the motifs from Pam Palmer's Tatting Treats. I think that collection is my most favorite of all. The rocking horse, the teapot where you can put your own motif in the center(I used a holly sprig), the Christmas tree, the caroling mouse, a bell....and fairly easy. I also LOVE the chain tree from Sue Fuller's Potpourri of Tatting. So easy, so fast and so pretty. I've also done a wonderful tree by Julie, an Australian tatter who doesn't show up much these days. Can't say I have a favorite snowflake. Have never tatted a snowman. Not that keen on tatting wreaths. " You know you see these books but you just don't know if you should buy it. I'm going pick up Pam and Sue's books the next time I've got the chance.

Trayna said...
My favourite Christmas tatting pattern (thou I haven't done it this Xmas & can't do it now ;( ) is Jon's Rings Only Snowflake with beads love the way it looks and how it flows as you are making it.See Jon's photo on my blog
So here's my additional bribe, forgive the picture quality. The last bit of incentive is a doily similar to the one in the picture. The colors are yet to be determined but its about 12 inches in diameter. If you are wondering what I'm talking about check out my previous post at

Monday, December 14, 2009

A few great answers...

I have been asking everyone's favorite Christmas/seasonal patterns and offered a bribe in my last post as an incentive. (check out the post A few of you have thought my question and shared:

Tatskool: "My favourite at the moment is Third day of December by Lene Bjorn in 24 Snowflakes in Tatting. I have blogged about it here:" I'm really happy to see someone else do this pattern because now I know that the rose in the middle is supposed to be 3-d. When I made it a few years ago I thought I was making a mistake.

HJ's favorite was Susan B. Taliaferro's Christmas Chain Wreath with beads, found at I couldn't get the picture to copy over but you can check it out yourself.

Kook Vee: "My ultimate favourite Xmas pattern to tat up would have to be the Holly Garland by Pam Palmer which can be found on page 18 of Tatting Treats 3! It's fast to do up for last minute gifts and just so darned cute. I've made it into cards, brooches and even earrings. I love it =)."

Jane's Current favorite is her butterfly on her site: I'm kinda partial to her snowsettia pattern at: I have to warn you if you stop at her pattern site make sure you have plenty of ink in your printer. There's so many great patterns!

Thanks so much to Kook Vee, Jane, Tatskool and HJ for writing down their faves. To the rest of you out there, I can see that I may have to offer a little more incentive...I'm working on it!

note: none of the pictures in this post are mine; they come from the sites noted beside them.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Patterns and The Bribe

Seeing all the different projects that people are making has given me an idea. There's just too many patterns and books out there to see what's available for Christmas. So I'm going to cheat and ask everyone to share their favorite Christmas tatting pattern. I'd like you to write in the comment section your favorite pattern, the creator and where it's found i.e. book, website, CD...

This seems like work and I hate work so I'm giving you an incentive. If you share your fave then I will enter you in a draw. If you write about this quest and share a picture of your fave pattern on your blog I'll enter you a second time (please let me know in the comment section). If your favorite thing isn't tatting (I don't know how that could happen), you may need a Shrink but you can still enter your favorite non-tatting Christmas pattern and the same rules apply.

My copy of Tatting for the Tree by Karey Solomon which is currently my fave Christmas book. You can see a few samples of her patterns in previous posts. A tatted lavender sachet and a pair of pointsettia earings tatted by me. As well as a few other goodies that I'll throw in for fun.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

How did she know?

Have you ever received a gift and wondered how did they know you would like it?
My sister finally gave me my Birthday gift when I was at her house on the weekend. It was a coat but now just any coat! Its one of those old black coats with the fur collars and I think the material is called Persian wool. I don't think these coats have been sold for a long time but its in such good condition that I almost thought it was new. Anyways, I don't think I've ever told her I love those coats. She won't tell me who it came from but assured me that they were clean (seniors can't always see the dirt due to eye stuff). It just amazes me that she picked that coat out for me. I'm very happy.