My Pattern books can be purchased at:

This is my first book which is a series of tatted pendants.  I sell it through  

This is my second book published in 2015.  It contains a serious of bracelet patterns that use tatting and beads.  This book can be purchased through

Free Patterns!
You are welcome to share these patterns but please link back to me and give me credit for the design.  

Holly Jolly Christmas Tree

Pointsetta Earings
Needle Minder

Roses are Red

Hard Candy and Kisses

Screen Door Heart
Leaf on a Shell Bead
Crabby the Sugar Skull
Bunny Bookmark

Dagger Heart
Love on a stick and Hearty Butterfly 
Band Aid Heart

 Heart Message
Simple Heart
Bear Heart
Ruffled Heart
The P Rocket

Witches Hat Pattern

Button Snowflake 
Flowers Tic Tac Toe
Flower Power Bookmark
Flower Sachet/Pin Cushion
Summer Bracelet
Single Shuttle Dragon Flies and Baskets

Christmas Stars


  1. Will you be selling your book at Tatting Corner? The understanding that I have is Lisa Adams is always looking for new tatting books. With their tat days happing in July, I bet you would sell tons of these!


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