Wednesday, May 9, 2012

just an update

I'm not in jail or anything...

My camera is currently experiencing difficulties.  Its never where I need it to be.  I'm blaming the camera but its really my lack of foresight.  I haven't actually picked it up to take pictures so I can't share any with you. 

I'm not tatting this week because on Monday I may have done a little damage to my forearms after several hours of gardening.  I was pulling a few thousand insidious plants out of my garden.  Its amazing how fast some plants can spread.  When they start to take over the lawn its time to take action.   There was so much dirt under my fingernails that I couldn't even walk past a tatting shuttle without the thread whimpering in fear.

I'm also devastated that I didn't win totusmel's give-away.  I need a few moments....