Friday, November 15, 2013

Thanks to Monica!

I got a slip from the post office today to pick up a package.  It was my secret shuttle exchange from Monica in Argentina!  
I waited until I got home to open the package although it was tempting to rip it open as soon as it was in my hands.  There was lots of goodies and Minica was very generous!  Monica sent a LaCossette shuttle and 2 celtic wire shuttles her brother makes.  The care that LaCossette takes to cover her shuttles is amazing.  Anytime I decoupage a shuttle it stays sticky but LaCossette's is perfect.
Monica also sent some thread she dyed herself.  The colors are quite lovely.  Finally there was a Jane Eborall motif tatted by Monica.  The yellow boxes in the first picture is Dulce de leche bars.  Of course I ate the right away!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Working away at things

I find that there is always a round in any doily pattern that seems to take forever.  That's this round on Karey Solomon's Swirly Doily.  I've been working away at it for about 2 weeks.  Its a very dense round and the sections almost overlap.  Since it was this aspect that attracted me I guess I can't whine too much.  I can't wait to be in the next round.
Between bouts of the swirly I've been making earrings.  My sister gets me to make something for her co-workers every year.  This year I thought earrings would be fun.  The metal doodads I purchased from Ginny Weathers during the Fringe Seminar.  I've used size 40 thread and seeds beads for this style.  It gets boring after awhile so I've changed the pattern a little for each pair.  I've already lost a pair but I have 7 pairs with 8 more to make.