Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Single Shuttle Split Ring Madness

After seeing it on many of the tatting blogs I hunted down the mysterious Micro dragon by Anne Bruvold. I found it at the Online Tatting Class by Georgia Seitz. The pattern requires using an ingenious technique called the single shuttle split ring to make consecutive rings with only 1 shuttle. So simple, so smart and once you wrap your head around the idea its very easy. Since I'm always trying to keep the number of shuttles involved minimal I think its great! In fact I liked it so much I spent Saturday fiddling around with SSSRs. I made lots of dragons- here's two.

After making the dragons I continued to fool around to make a few dragonflies ( I should have made the wings larger and used black beads for the eyes). The red one kinda looks like a lobster.
Dragon fly
sp- small picot, lp- large picot, vlp- very large picot.
R 3-1-3
R 4/4
R 6/6
R 3 lp 2 vlp 2/ 2 vlp 2 lp 3
R 2 sp 3 lp 3 sp 2, cut and tie, cut lp.

Then I ended with a few baskets, one made only of SSSR and the other using SSSR and a split chain. I think that the split chain makes it look like mushroom.
SSSR Basket.
R 4 vsp 4
R 4/4 , 3 times then join to vsp of 1st ring to create the base.
If making the ring handle then R 4/4 ,6 times join last ring to 1st ring tie and cut.
If making chain handle then split chain 26 ds or as needed to fill space.

In other news, I'm excited today because I ordered Marilee's book Boutique tatting. I want to make the Bedazzled butterfly necklace to go with a strapless black dress I'm wearing to a wedding. In a few weeks. I can't wait to try out a few of her patterns and I love books with lots and lots of pictures!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine's arrival

Just in time to cheer me up after a bout with the flu my secret valentine's package arrived from Heidi. She sent lots of chocolate, including dove chocolates that have a message on the inside of the wrapper. Even if she hadn't signed the card I would know it came from south of the border. Canadians will instantly spot what I mean.
Here's a closer look: Yeah, you got it- no french! If this was bought in Canada it would have both french and english on it.
The exchange included a decorated tea towel. Heidi didn't realise that it was supposed to be an edging as well as hearts so she improvised using crochet to attach the hearts. I think it turned out nicely! Sorry the picture quality is pretty crappy but you get the idea.

Heidi sent a few other things including sticky notes (which I absolutely love to the point of shamelessly stealing them from friends), beads, blue jewelery box, sweethearts, and a nail file.
Thanks Heidi.
I'd also like to take a moment to thank my Secret Santa from Iowa. In January I tried posting a few times about what she sent me but I was having mysterious computer problems at the time. The posts kept disappearing. Needless to say it was a great package. Thanks.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The ever useful rosette

On her blog Sharon Briggs challenged tatters to show different things they can do with the rosette. She actually meant for people to design something but I thought I would share with you a lavender sachet I've done over the years. Its 2 simple rosettes put together using long picots on the outside round. The picture isn't great because I used the scanner. All of the beads are added afterwards, although I think that beaded picots would work just as well. I wrap the lavender in cloth or tissue paper and stick it in before I close it off. I've also made an amulet bad the same way. A couple years ago I made a bunch of these for Christmas. Lavender is often put into drawers or closets to protect clothing from moths.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bermuda Triangle

I swear I'm caught in the Bermuda triangle of the blogging world. I keep making posts that disappear. Today a post that was missing reappeared as unposted. Sigh.

Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays (although many would not agree its a holiday). I love it because its one of the few times you can get away with sticking hearts all over the place and combining pinks and reds. In honor of a holiday in which the main aim is to eat chocolates I am posting a few simple, no-brainer heart patterns. These were inspired by Mary Konoir's Beauty Spots edging in her book Tatting with Visual Patterns. The are so simple that they only require that you know how to make rings and Josephine knots.

Jos and Rings Heart

R1 7-4-4-7
R2 11-4-7
R3 7+4-4-7
R4 7+4-4-7, jn to 1st picot in R1
JK10, JK10, jn to 2nd picot in R1
R5 4-4, jn to 2nd picot in R1
JK 10, JK 10, jn to 3rd picot in R1
R6 7-4-4-7
R7 7+4-4-7
R8 7+4-11, tie into R1

Jo-Jo Heart

R1 7-4-4-7
R2 11-4-7
R3 7+4-4-7
R4 7+4-4-7,
JK10, jn to 1st picot in R1
JK10, jn to 2nd picot in R1
R5 7-7, jn to 2nd picot in R1
JK 10, jn to 3rd picot in R1
JK 10
R6 7-4-4-7
R7 7+4-4-7
R8 7+4-11,
JK 10, tie into R1

Dancing Heart

JK 10 – this will nestle into R1
R1 7-4-4-7
R2 7-4-7
R3 7+4-4-7
R4 7+4-4-7, jn to 1st picot in R1
JK10, jn to 2nd picot in R1
R5 7-7, jn to 2nd picot in R1
JK 10 jn to 3rd picot in R1
R6 7-4-4-7
R7 7+4-4-7
R8 7+4-7, tie into R1