Friday, April 15, 2011

Finished projects from Finger Lakes

I have been working on finishing projects from the Finger Lakes weekend.  One of which is a garden newt which I didn't take as a class but I couldn't resist tatting the pattern.  I haven't had a chance to do the garden spider but its next.
As mentioned in my last post I'm addicted to making peeps.   There was a copy of The Tatting Times which is published by Karey Solomon in the grab bag.  I love her patterns and this one is lots of fun!  This is one of many.  I've done a few where the center flower is in a contrasting color.  I purchased more thread when I was at the Finger Lakes seminar so I have plenty of choices.  I did something annoying and didn't check the sizes so I ended up with 3 balls of size 40 Lizbeth instead of size 20.  Fortunately the colors match and I'll still be able to use the thread.  Still, I'm irritated with myself.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Great time at the Finger Lakes tatting seminar!

A big thanks to the organizers of the seminar.  I had a great time and can't wait for the next one.  You really have to appreciate the people that put these events together.  Its nice to be around people who understand what that string thing is and don't consider it a personality flaw. 

Unfortunately, I'm not one for taking pictures but check out crunchybanana for some fun pictures of projects.  I've completed a few things and will share them when I find my camera.  I made a garden next, earings and a peep!  The peep had nothing to do with the event but was from a copy of Tatting Times was in the grab bags.  I started to laugh when I saw the pattern because a week before I was thinking how cool a tatted peep would be.  So I had to make it ASAP.  Its awfully cute!

I have an evil plan to make the garden spider this weekend!