Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thread and 3 hours of fun

Unfortunately I left my iphone at home today so no photos.

I was going to share a photo of the brand new ball of thread that my cat tore apart last night.  I'm tempted to try to work out the tangle of purple thread but I keep flashing back to an unsuccessful rescue operation I attempted years ago.  I spent hours trying to save a tangled mess of green tatting thread and I finally gave it up. That was back in the 90s when any thread that was tat-able was precious and worth a fight to the death. These days I can salvage what's left of the ball and order a new ball of purple lizbeth thread for around $5 (not including shipping).   Thank God for Barbara Foster who has saved us from such desperate acts with her Lizbeth thread that is easily purchased from many sources. 

On another note, I am teaching again this year at the Finger lakes tatting seminar.  This time it is a 3 hour tour class that will hopefully result in the attendees going home with something that looks like the star in the header.   No shipwrecks involved although hijinks may ensue... 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

 I love Valentine's day, partly because its the only time you get away with mixing pink with red.  I love the idea of just going around and exchanging tokens of love and appreciation with friends and family for no particular reason.  I don't see it as a couples day but a day that is romantic for everyone.  A day for friends as well as lovers.   So my gift to you is a fun pattern to make hearts for your screen doors.  I've added the link at the side as Screen Door Hearts.
Wishing you love and joy with friends and family.