Tuesday, June 30, 2020

A Very Canadian Tat-a-long Day 2

Day 2
As you may guess today is very short.  These are my version of the Canadian Rockies.  I imagined looking East from BC.  If you are more east in Canada you could use blue for the ocean, maybe stick a boat in there lol.  

New terms:
VS- victorian sets.  Make 2 1st half stitch and then make 2 2nd half stitches. Number in front indicates how many repeats of the set to tat.

Wind 1 1/2 yards on shuttle, needle tatters normal tail.

R.  4 +(bangle) 4
C.  6 VS + (vsp of ring on sun)  5 VS
R.  4 +(bangle) 4
C.  5 VS + (skip one ring and join to vsp of next ring on sun)  6 VS
R.  4 +(bangle) 4

Hide ends

Short and sweet!  Tomorrow you will be doing super simple beading.  

If you could not find a plastic ring in the right size below is a substitution. 
You will need to press this into shape a bit.  Its very important that you make the large picot 5/8 inch in height (from top of ds to tip of picot)

R 6 vsp 6
C 2ds  large picot (as mentioned) 2ds
*R 6ds vsp 6ds
C. 2ds +(large picot)  2ds*
Repeat from * to * until you have 12 rings
Press into shape.  You may also want to stiffen it

Monday, June 29, 2020

A Very Canadian Tat-a-long 202 Day 1

Hi Everyone,

Its that time of year again!  
I am holding the Very Canadian Tat-a-long starting today.  It will be followed by the 4th of July Tat-a-long.  The files will be available on the Fringe Element Tatters, Just Tatting, Friends of Tatting Corner and the Needle Tatting: For Beginners Group on Facebook.
Or you can just follow below!

For A Very Canadian Tat-a-long you will need size 20 Lizbeth thread in yellow, brown (or grey or blue) and red.  Size 10 clear beads, a bangle, and a 5/8 plastic cabone ring.
For the 4th of July Tat-a-long you will need suze 20 thread in red, white and blue.  Size 10 beads in white, black and red.
If you have other sized threads you will need to fiddles a bit with the beads.

A Very Canadian Tat-a-long 2020
Vicki Clarke 2020
Day 1


Size 20 Lizbeth in red, yellow and brown (could also be blue or grey)

Size 10 clear beads


5/8 inch plastic cabone ring



C- chain

R- ring

vsp- very small picot

W- make double stitiches around the cabone ring.  Jane Eborall has a great tutorial for shuttle tatters on her technique page

For needle tatters I recommend, she has a tutorial on the blog.  There are also excellent Youtube videos

Start with the 5/8 inch plastic cabone ring

*W      3

R         6 vsp 6*

Repeat from * to * until you have 12 rings

Hide end

Needle tatters-  I think its probably easiest to make true rings with this kind of pattern. 

Shuttle Tatters-  you do not reverse work between the wraps and the rings.