Tuesday, June 30, 2020

A Very Canadian Tat-a-long Day 2

Day 2
As you may guess today is very short.  These are my version of the Canadian Rockies.  I imagined looking East from BC.  If you are more east in Canada you could use blue for the ocean, maybe stick a boat in there lol.  

New terms:
VS- victorian sets.  Make 2 1st half stitch and then make 2 2nd half stitches. Number in front indicates how many repeats of the set to tat.

Wind 1 1/2 yards on shuttle, needle tatters normal tail.

R.  4 +(bangle) 4
C.  6 VS + (vsp of ring on sun)  5 VS
R.  4 +(bangle) 4
C.  5 VS + (skip one ring and join to vsp of next ring on sun)  6 VS
R.  4 +(bangle) 4

Hide ends

Short and sweet!  Tomorrow you will be doing super simple beading.  

If you could not find a plastic ring in the right size below is a substitution. 
You will need to press this into shape a bit.  Its very important that you make the large picot 5/8 inch in height (from top of ds to tip of picot)

R 6 vsp 6
C 2ds  large picot (as mentioned) 2ds
*R 6ds vsp 6ds
C. 2ds +(large picot)  2ds*
Repeat from * to * until you have 12 rings
Press into shape.  You may also want to stiffen it

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