Sunday, November 11, 2018

Thankful Poppy Pattern

A quick single shuttle poppy pattern to share with you on this day of Remembrance.

36 red seed beads (i used delicas)
4 black seed beads
Size 20 thread in black
Size 20 thread in red (i used 671 Lizbeth Poppy red)
1 shuttle or needle

Add 4 black beads to thread.  Wind 2 yards (this maybe overkill but I just made the pattern lol) on shuttle cut thread.

R. 6 vsp 6
R. 2 pull up bead on core thread 2 pull up bead on core thread 2 +(onion ring join to vsp) 2 pull up bead on core thread 2 pull up bead on core thread 2
Change to red thread.  Put 4 yards on the shuttle with 36 beads.  Cut from ball thread.  Join to picot formed over bead.

*Put 3 beads on back of hand when forming ring
R 6. Close ring (beads will form the inside curve of ring
Make 3 rings*
Join to picot above next bead
Repeat from * to * around center to make 4 petals.
Hide ends.

If you are ambitious you can hide the ends with a single shuttle split ring at the back.  This will allow you to add a clip

Thank-you to all that serve and those supporting them.💟💟💟

Wednesday, November 7, 2018


A couple of years ago I purchased Aileen's Best Press at a quilt shop.  I read on facebook that some people were using it on doilies between rounds.  They would do a quick block and use the best press on the doilies to add body.  So when I saw it I thought I would try it but it's been sitting in my cabinet since then. 
Recently, I had this pile of ice drops that I really didn't what to do with.  So I decided to block them and test out the best press.  The ice drops were all test tats or experiments so nothing was lost if they were destroyed.  I aldo wanted to see what the best press did to the plastic gems.
So I rinsed the tatting, laid it out in the shape I wanted and sprayed them with the best press. 
I think it was a win.  The dimensional tatting actually held its shape but was still pliable.  The plastic gems werr not damaged by the spray.
I'm really happy with the results.