Sunday, August 7, 2022

2022 Palmetto Tatdays Day Lilly

Sorry I forgot to post the pattern for the Palmetto Tatdays.  I was looking at photos from the event this morning when I realised I forgot to post the pattern that goes with the kit that came in the grab bags!

20th Anniversary Day Lilly

Vicki Clarke 2022


This year is the 20th Anniversary of the Palmetto Tat Days.  I looked up the flower for a 20th Anniversary and it’s a Day Lilly.   They are all different colors so feel free to experiment with different combinations.


R- ring

C- chain

lj- lock join

+ join

vsp- very small picot

SCMR-self closing mock ring


1 shuttle or needle

Thread color of your choice

Kit Contains: flower Sequin, 2 seed beads, Bent pin (I used pliers to bend the pin.  Wear protective glasses just in case)


Petals- make 2                                                                                                               

R             3 vsp 3 vsp 3

C             12

SCMR    4 p 4

C             12 lj (vsp) 12

SCMR    4 p 4

C             12 lj (vsp) 12

SCMR    4 p 4

C             12 join to beginning, hide ends

Assembly instructions:

Add 1 seed bead to pin, then add the petals so that the 2 motifs are offset and then add the sequin.  Before you add the 2nd seed bead put a dab of glue on the pin to hold the bead in place.  I recommend using E-6000.  Then slide the seed bead into place.  Now you have a mini–Day Lilly Pin!