Monday, December 21, 2020

Lucky Star Fundraiser Pattern.

I have added a new pattern on Etsy called Lucky Star.  From now until Jan 1st the proceeds from the sales of this pattern will go to Lisa Greenlee Adams Go Fund Me page.  
Etsy listing:

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Bell Angel

This is an old pattern that I made into a kit for the Palmetto Tatdays in 2015. Its very cute on a mini Christmas tree. 

Bell Angel

Vicki Clarke 2015


1 shuttle

1.5 yard of size 20 thread for skirt

½ yard of size 20 thread for wings

6mm bead for head

 Jingle bell (1/2 inch approximately)

1.  Make motif in diagram leaving a long tail of thread

2. Tat one pair of angle wings. 

3.  To assemble pull the skirt thread down through the top of the bell

4.  Pull the thread up through the 6mm head bead.  

5. Tie wings on between the 6mm head bead and the skirt.

5.  Make a hanger by tying knot in loop near the bead large enough it doesn’t slip back through the bead.  


                    Bell Angel

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Something to drop...

One of the other patterns to come out of last year's advent is this cute but irreverent pattern.  If you aren't interested in making an "F" bomb it can also be done in bright colours to be an ornament.   Hopefully I'll share a picture version that is more like an ornament tomorrow.

"F" Bomb by Vicki Clarke 2020

Thread: size 3 or size 10
Bead:. Square F bead
Red or white thread
Shuttle or needle

R- ring
C- chain
lj- lock join
CTM- continuous thread method
p- picot
+ - join
vsp- very small picot
VS- Victorian sets (in this case 2 1st half stitches followed by 2 2nd half stitches)

Shuttle tatters add 2 yards to shuttle with F bead on shuttle.   CTM with ball.

R. 6 p 6
C. 6 (pull bead up on shutttle) 6
R. 6 +(p of ring)
Turn work 
C  20 lj ( base of 1st ring) 6 lj (p on ring) 4 vsp 4 lj(same as previous) 6 lj (base of 2nd ring) 
C. 20 VS, tie to base of 1st ring
If you are using size 10 thread you may need 22 sets.

Friday, December 4, 2020

Advent Christmas Tree

I made this Christmas tree last year when I did my thread Advent Calendar using the skeins of thread I'd purchased over the years but hadn't used yet.  Each day I would open the drawer in the calendar, take out the skein of hand-dyed thread and tat with it.  There wasn't a specific pattern, I would just play around and see what I could come up with.  This is one of the patterns that came from the experience.  The thread used in the picture is from Marilee Rockley and is called Spooky (it's currently in her Etsy shop Yarnplayer).  I know, strange colors to inspire a Christmas tree.

Advent Christmas Tree 


tp- twisted picot, make a long picot and before joining to this picot you will twist the picot.  This creates a point

R- ring

C- chain

lj- lock join, where to join is indicated in brackets.

Wind 1 yard onto a shuttle, or leave an appropriate tail on a needle:

R1       5 vsp 5 vsp 5 vsp 5

C1       12 lj (1st p) 10 lj (2nd p)

R2       4 vsp 4 vsp 4 vsp 4

C2       8 lj (1st p R2) 6 lj (2nd p R2)

C3       3 vsp 3 vsp 3 vsp 3 lj (2nd p R2)

C 4      6 lj (3rd p R2) 8 lj (base of R2) 10 lj (3rd p R1)  lj to beginning


Round 2 

C         12

SCMR                        3

C         6 lj (1st lj C1) 3

SCMR                        3

C         8 lj (between C1 and C2)  6

SCMR                        3

C         4 lj (1st lj C2) 2

SCMR                        3

C         4 lj (1st vsp C3) 1

SCMR                        3

C         3 lj (2nd vsp C3) 2 tp 1 + (tp) 3 lj (2nd vsp C3) 3

SCMR                        3

C         1 lj (3rd p of C3) 4

SCMR                        3

C         2 lj (1st lj C4) 4

SCMR                        3

C         6 lj (between R1 and R2) 8

SCMR                        3

C         4 lj (3rd lj of C4) 6

SCMR                        3

C         12 join to beginning cut and tie