Saturday, February 14, 2009

The ever useful rosette

On her blog Sharon Briggs challenged tatters to show different things they can do with the rosette. She actually meant for people to design something but I thought I would share with you a lavender sachet I've done over the years. Its 2 simple rosettes put together using long picots on the outside round. The picture isn't great because I used the scanner. All of the beads are added afterwards, although I think that beaded picots would work just as well. I wrap the lavender in cloth or tissue paper and stick it in before I close it off. I've also made an amulet bad the same way. A couple years ago I made a bunch of these for Christmas. Lavender is often put into drawers or closets to protect clothing from moths.


  1. Oh, that is GORGEOUS! I love it! Thank you for sharing it! Gosh, if you ever want to do a swap for that or one like it...just let me know! ;) ;) ;)

    Okay was that a subtle enough hint, LOL!?

  2. TattingChic, I've never done a swap, what does it entail?


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