Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy International Tatting Day!

Its a beautiful day here in Ottawa to sit in the sun and tat. Unfortunately I'm stuck in the office but I hope to catch a few moments to tat later. As you may know the traditional activities for the day are the following:

1. Eat all the chocolate you desire.
2. Wear a little tatting and tell everyone you meet about it.
3. tat only for yourself, only what you want to tat
4. remember those that came before you and have contributed to the art.

Instead of showing what I'm tatting today I'm sharing a picture of the coasters I made last fall. The pattern is from Mary Konoir's book Tatting with Visual Patterns done in size 10 navy thread. I made 4 coasters but the 4th one is currently MIA. As you can tell, my sewing abilities are limited.
Just for fun and to honor International tatting day I'm doing a give-away. Its simple, just leave a comment and your name. I will do the draw on Saturday. The prize is this tatted necklace.
I wish everyone a great day!


  1. Wow! I would love to win this! Please enter my name in the drawing. My email is in my profile. Thanks for offering such a beautiful prize =)

  2. Happy Tatting Day!
    VERY pretty coasters and BEAUTIFUL necklace! It's so nice of you to host a giveaway in honor of the day!
    :) Ann

  3. Happy International Tatting Day to you! I did my duty. I had 1 chocolate, tatted myself a bracelet and am now working on one for a friend. All this in between making my Paska (Easter Bread) which I will be putting in the oven to bake very soon. Love the necklace and would love to own it. Please put my name in the drawing. Happy Easter, too!

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  5. Hope you had a great Tatting Day! The coaster picture is beautiful - looks very Tudor or or regal or something very of British royalty!
    The necklace looks beautiful!
    Fox : )

  6. Well...of course I want it!hehehhe

  7. You CAN'T have it, Gina. It's got MY name on it!!!!!


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