Thursday, July 3, 2008

daisy tryouts

My sister is getting married in August and her colors are gold, white and black. Her favorite flower are daisies so she's using them in her bouquet. For her ring bearer's pillow we are using one that we picked up at liquidation world. It is heart shaped and had a lot of white lace on it that really wasn't her style. My sister likes things very clean and simple. So, I pretty much stripped everything off the pillow to the basic satin heart. Now, I am adding a black edging using the mignonette tatting style (yes, I know I complained about this type of tatting a few posts back) and I am making a daisy to go in the middle. I have finally figured out how I am doing it but I'm not finished. I thought I would share a few rejected daisies with you. The first one on the left didn't work out because I couldn't add more petals without it looking lopsided. The second on looks more like a daffodil than a daisy. The petals are too small on the third one. The last one is nice and is done using Helma Siepmann's style but wasn't big enough. The daisy that I'm going to use is still a WIP but I will show the picture when I'm done all 30 petals.


  1. I love daisies too! I would love to see pics of the finished product. The wedding sounds like it will be lovely.

  2. I hope we get to see the finished bridal ring pillow! I'm sure it will be beautiful. That's sweet of you to do that for your sis.


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