Sunday, June 30, 2019

A Very Canadian Tat-a-Long Day 2

Day 2 is a little bit longer with a couple twists and turns.  If you would like to keep things short and simple then when done tatting Day 2 add a tassel to the final ring.  However, if you would like to make something a little bit bigger then make 3.

The spot of dirt on the right didn't
show up until now.  Please ignore it lol!

C- chain
R- ring
vsp- very small picot
lj- lock join.  Make a lock join by using a crochet hook to pull shuttle thread through the joining space.  This creates a loop and you pass the shuttle through the loop then tighten to remove excess thread.  In these patterns a lock join is often joined to the space between chains.  Where to do the lj is indicated in brackets.  For example lj (C2 & 3) means a lj in the space between the 2nd and 3rd chain.
rw- reverse work; turn the tatting towards you to change the direction the chain is facing
SCMR- self closing mock ring.  See for instructions.
slt- shoe lace trick

Day 2

R         5 vsp 5 vsp 5
LSC    4
SR       6/6 ***before closing this ring slip the center motif through the ring so the chains are caught in the ring.***
C         vsp 10 lj (closest vsp of motif 1) 3
SCMR                        1 p 1
C         3 lj (next vsp) tw slt 10 +(vsp next ring)  4
R         1 p 1
C         4 +(next vsp same ring)  10 +( vsp top ring) 4
R         1 p 1
C         3
R         3 p 3
C         3
R         1 p 1
C         4 +(next vsp top ring) 10 +(vsp next ring) 4
R         1 p 1
C         4 +(next vsp) 10 +(vsp next ring) tw slt 3
SCMR                        1 p 1
C         3 lj(next vsp)  10 lj(vsp 1st C)
LSC    10
R         6 p 6  ***I did this as a single shuttle split ring and hid the ends as I made it. ***

***If you are making the larger project then on the 2nd and 3rd motif the final ring with be:
R         6 +(1st motif) 6


  1. definition of LSC? Loving the project!

    Katie V in NC

  2. LSC Lock Stitch Chain. Found it. Sorry to bother you!!
    katie V in NC


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