Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Never Ending Christmas Tree

This pattern came to me a 2 years ago.  I didn't share it because I was trying to be too precise.  This is a loosey goosey style of pattern because once you finish the first row it can be different each time you make it.  I have shared pictures of 2 of the trees I've made.  I'm pretty sure you can make the tree as big as you want.  
Warning: this can be fiddly.

Never Ending Christmas Tree Vicki Clarke 2017

Crochet hook with small tip
Green Thread (I used size 20 Lizbeth #687 in sample)
Shuttle or needle

 FR- folded ring
SR- small ring
LR- large ring
lj-  lock join
bp- add bead to picot 
a- first half of the ds
b- 2nd half of the ds
vsp- very small picot

String lots of beads on thread and then fill shuttle.  Cut from ball.

The bulk of this pattern is based of the basic Ankars motif of: 

*SR     5 – 5
LR         5+ (prev ring) 5 – 5 – 5*       

Note: I added 2 beads to the 2nd picot of the large ring then joined the next rows between the beads.  I don’t think these show up so did not include this as part of the pattern.

Start with the tip of the tree:

FR 1    1 vsp  2a  4 2b p 8
*SR     5 – 5
LR       5+ (prev ring) 5 – 5 – 5*
Make * to * 4 times for wide tree
Make * to * 2 times for narrow tree
R         5 – 5
FR       8 +(p of 1st FR) 1 2a 4 2b
Pull up as many beads needed to reach the 2nd picot on the 1st large ring, join to the 1st large ring (this bridges you to the next row)
 *SR     5 – 5
LR         5+ (prev ring) 5 – 5 – 5
Join to the picot of the next large ring in the previous row*
So you will repeat the combo of [SR, LR join] until you have joined to all the 2nd picots of the large ring on the row. 
Finish with a small ring then pull up as many beads on the thread that you need to reach the 2nd picot of the first Large ring of the next row.

I have included pics of the back side of the wide and narrow trees so you can get an idea of how many repeats I did.
I did not always join between sets of SR, LR and the wider the tree gets the more likely you will have a few repeats before joining to the previous row.
This is a loosey goosey pattern that can go on forever….

Front of trees.  

Back of trees so you can see how many big rings I used for each row.  

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  1. There is real potential in that pattern. I like the narrower tree better, but that is just me (anyone else trying to loose weight?).
    I hope you and all your "loosey gooseys" have a pleasant Christmas!


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