Thursday, September 5, 2019

I wish I was at Palmetto Tat Days, aka The Honey Comb Charm

It's here! Palmetto Tat Days 2019 starts today!  
Every year I send a kit and pattern down for the grab bags they give to each lucky attendee.  This year I found these awesome hexagon shaped woodies that made me think of Mary Kay Ash's quote about the Bumble Bee and its unlikely flight.  I think it goes well with the theme of Tatting Tale Tails.  
The pattern is posted below so those of us who aren't attending can still share in the fun.  PLUS I was too lazy to print off the pattern and fold it up into the kits so everyone getting the kit is being directed here.  So we can all share in the fun.  An ice drop gem fits perfectly into the pattern to replace the hexagon shaped woody.  So no need to search all over for the woody.  The link to download the pattern is below and I will add it to the Ice Drop Addicts group on Facebook so you have a couple places to pick up the pattern.
Honey Comb Charm 2019

I wish I was at Palmetto’s 2019….
Each motif needs 1.5 yards on shuttle and 1 yard for ball thread
1st Motif
R1       3 - 3- 3
R2       3 - 3 – 3
C1       3 – 3 – 3
*R       3 + (p on prev ring) 3- 3
R         3 - 3 – 3*
C         3 + (p on prev chain) 3 – 3*
Repeat from * to * around motif 
On the last picot, join to the first picot on the first chain.
Cut and hide ends

2nd Motif
R1       3 – 3 + (picot R1 on 1st motif) 3
R2       3 - 3 + (picot R2 on 1st motif) 3
C1       3 – 3 – 3
 *R       3 + (p on prev ring) 3 + (picot R3 on 1st motif) 3
R         3 + (1st picot R4 on 1st motif) 3 - 3
C         3 + (p on prev chain) 3 – 3*

Repeat from * to * around, each time matching the joins to the next set of rings.
Before joining the last rings slip in hexagon
On the last picot join to the first picot on the first chain.
End the round joining back to C1 on 2nd motif

Chain 30- 40 double stitches to create a hanger or loop to attach to something.  Then join to C1 on the first motif.  Hide ends

Make a tassel through the picot on the bottom.


  1. So clever, thanks, I'll try it as an ice drop.

  2. Love the simple elegance !!! Thanks for sharing the pattern .

    1. Thanks! I love all the patterns you share. They are an inspiration!

  3. I missed seeing you! Thank you for the Honey Comb pattern! I look forward to tatting it. We have honeybees on our farm. The lady who is the bee keeper said they made the best honey she's ever tasted. She's not selling's her "private stock"!!! I'll tat your Honey Comb for the bee keeper:)

    1. That will be awesome! I can't think off a better person to have it❤❤❤

  4. Missed seeing you at Tat Days. We had a good time. Thank you for Honeycomb pattern.

  5. I'm sad we didn't get to meet. Thank you for the kit! Am I correct in thinking the thread you included is size 20?

  6. Thank you for the pattern & the kit! I enjoyed making it. :)


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