Saturday, November 16, 2019

Tall Christmas Tree Pattern

Christmas is fast approaching and if you are giving tatted gifts you are probably already frantically tatting.  This Christmas Tree pattern came to me the other day and made me think of cartoon style Christmas Trees.  The Pattern is diagrammed below.  The dark circles are 3mm crystal beads, you add them to the tatting by pulling a loop through the bead and then holding with a paperclip.  Then you tat 6 ds and make a lock join to the space held by the paperclip.  Think of this as a beaded mock ring- the bead takes up half the ring.  I put a double stitch between each of the beaded mock rings.  Most the the outside rings are mock rings too with the exception of the first ring.  On the large tree I used a split chain on the one side so I didn't have to cut and tie.  You can do it either way.   
Don't forget this pattern because a quick change in color and in the trunk can make these trees into umbrella's for spring!


  1. How adorable...thanks for the beautiful pattern.

  2. Such a fun , super cute pattern! It could also make a nice skirt for a gown! Thanks for the pattern 🌲🌲🌲


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