Wednesday, July 3, 2019

4th of JulyTat-a-long Day 2

 There might be a few ends to today's portion but I believe you can overcome any ends phobias.  

4th of July Tat-a-long 2019
Rockets Red
Vicki Clarke 2019

R- ring
C- chain
sp- small picot
+ join
SCMR- self closing mock ring. See for instructions

Day 2

24 inches red thread on shuttle CTM with ball
R         4 sp 4 sp 4 vsp 4
C         4 lj (1st sp) 3
SCMR                        2
C         3 lj (2nd sp) 4 lj (3rd sp) 18
Cut ends leaving a long enough tail to hide ends.  Pass the Chain up through one ring and down through the next ring.  Tie to beginning and hide ends.  Make 5 rockets, making sure that they all go through the rings in the same direction.
See you tomorrow!

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