Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tatting Demonstration

I did a tatting demonstration/ class at Watson's Mill in Manotick on Monday.  Watson's Mill is a local historical site. I've never done a demonstration and Cam at Watson's Mill wasn't sure about what the turnout would be but we had 88 people come through the door!  There was an exhibit about Mr. Eaton (founded Eaton's Department Store) and different children's activities as well as some neat historical children's crafts.   I was surprised at how excited some people were to try to tat and one man actually thanked me for finding a new hobby for his wife!  I told him that if they had any questions to call/email me.  I made sure to tell them about all the awesome You-tube demos and websites on the Internet.  I have to confess that I sent a lot of people to Sharon Brigg's website.  I love her demos and the practice patterns she gives. 
I hadn't really prepared very much because Cam wasn't sure if anyone would come.  Next time I will have a sheet to hand out of tatting resources.  On Monday I was just scribbling names on scrap pieces of paper.

On a side note, the big box of nothing is now being used as a chalk board!

Obligatory photo:  This reminds me of an old lady with big thick rimmed glasses.
Sharon's website can be found at:


  1. You have lots of talents, Victats, I enjoyed looking at some of your blog. I too, an Canadian. There aren't many of us tatters around Canada anymore. I learned from an elderly lady many years ago and have just been doing much more with it in the last year.

  2. Holy Moly - 88 people! That's amazing!
    Fox ; ))

  3. Those are both very nicely done. Yes, I can see why you say the one looks like horn rim glasses

  4. So glad your demo was such a success. Maybe handcrafts are ready to come back "in".

    Would you be kind enough to post the link to Susan's web site that has the practice demo's on it please? Thank you so much.

  5. Congratulations on the successful demonstration. 88 people - I bet that made you feel all warm and fuzzy.

    Love the "obligatory" photo :)

  6. Great post today by Wendy at 'umintsuru' about your roses pattern. I had missed that one - It is terrific. Thanks!
    Fox : )


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