Friday, March 2, 2012

Catherine Wheel terror?

 Fox over at tat-ology is currently working towards Catherine Wheel perfection.  I think she's just addicted to making this little heart by Frivole.  I can see why, its a very fun pattern.    To tell you the truth I don't do the Catherine Wheel often.  Instead I cheat and make an onion ring join.   One of the joins in the picture is an onion ring join and the others are Catherine wheel join.  From the front I don't think you can tell the difference. 
I intended to show more pictures but blogger isn't cooperating.  Since the last update I've found it harder to move the pictures around.  Also, I don't understand why they only give us a little window to see what we're writing?  That last part isn't new but it's always bothered me.
I was able to upload one more picture and not accidentally delete it.  I did a few more candy arrangements with my friend Sal.  She took them to Mosque to be auctioned after prayers.  The money raised goes to the Mosque.  We made 4 and they went for about $20 each.  Some of them were Ferrero Rocher arrangements where we stuck the chocolates on tooth picks or bamboo sticks.

ps  I forgot to mention that I added a bunny bookmark to the right side. 


  1. Sorry Victats, I cannot comment on your heart that has almost perfect joins, because I am very busy working on Frivole's heart. By the way, I am not addicted. Gotta go now - another join beckons!

    p.s. Is that the back? With the onion join on the top right???

  2. Your candy arrangements look really good. You got my sweat teeth singing!!!

  3. Oh, I'm curious... what is an "onion ring join" please??

  4. Is the onion ring join on the top right? The cwj are perfect!

  5. I love the bunny bookmark! Thank you for sharing.

  6. I've been seeing this heart pop up on other blogs, Fox's especially, and wondered about the CWJ because I thought it was just another name for the onion ring join. So I had to go look up a tutorial on Youtube. Verrrry interesting! I'm going to have to pull out some thread and try this pattern with both joins this weekend. Love that color you used and the candy arrangements, too!


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