Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Online Scavenger Hunt

Heather at tatted treasures is doing an online scavenger hunt.  This is her list for week 1:
Here are your first scavenger hunt challenges: (do as many as you like)
1.Photograph your shuttles making a face.

2.Find a reference to tatting in literature or a popular publication and quote or photograph it.

3.Tat a motif that uses a technique you’ve never tried before.

4.Photograph a coin dated the year you learned how to tat.

5.Poll 15 strangers and ask them if they have ever seen tatting before. Record the results.

I haven't done anything from her list yet but I think its pretty funny.  Tonight I'm going to make a face with my shuttles.  I know that Robin D. Owens makes a reference to tatting in one of her books.  I can't remember which one.
Unfortunately I've blocked my teenage years from my brain (its all one big boring blur) and cannot remember when I learned to tat. That makes number 4 impossible.   


  1. Oooh that is a challenge and good luck on the scavenger hunt. I gues I could do just one. I am trying out the spiral snail pattern of yours. I love the colours you used. Come by my blog for a visit, Vicki.

  2. Glad you are joining in the fun! I look forward to seeing your shuttle face soon.


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