Sunday, February 19, 2012

A big box of nothing...

It turns out that the major consumers of the bubble gum tree was adults.  The kids just wanted to look at it.  There's nothing funnier than someone's grandma trying to sneak the jube jube hearts out of the vase without anyone noticing.  
Ayan was very happy with his big box of nothing. His cousin Alim kept crawling inside which made it a big box of Alim.  Ayan was a little too wired to unwrap everything so he doesn't know that his Aunt Pat brought him a beautifully wrapped small box of nothing.  I can't wait to hear what he does when he unwraps it.

Birthday boy was playing with my camera and this is one of his pictures.  We spent a few minutes twisting the branches in different directions.  It was actually his uncle Rahim that started to take stuff off the tree.  Rahim's asked me to make a chocolate tree for his son Noah to get at Easter. 

Big box of nothing

more of nothing.  I was successful in the dumpster diving at startbucks and pulled out a really great box.  I told Ayan that I had to wrestle it from the dumpster troll.  

I used chalkboard paint last night to cover the outside.  Its supposed to cure for 24 hours but it was okay this morning when I wrote all over it.  You can't see but I wrote on the other side 100% something free.

Birthday boy taking pictures.  I have alot of really blurry photos but this one unfortunately turned out.

In the lower right corner is the candy theiving Grandma.  She came all the way from Toronto.  This is the first time she's been in Canada for Ayan's birthday.  It was a great day. 


  1. Victats,
    Your picture looks great cause just like your gift for him brought out the kids inside the adults, your picture shows the kid inside of you. He was able to show how he sees your kid too. That's so wonderful cause we all have to let them out from time to time.

  2. I just knew it would be only fun....and glad Grandma had her fun, too. Karen in OR

  3. Your 'inventive/creative' mind just goes on and on. Chalkboard paint?! Never would have remotely thought of that. I've heard of it for walls, but not a cardboard box! (You've given me an idea to just paint gift boxes! All kinds of possibilities! No scotch tape needed!) I wondered how you were going to 'wrap' the box - would have taken a LOT of paper, but this was SO much better!

    And don't think the chocolate tree will be your last order, either! Everyone will always remember this birthday! What a fun time!

  4. Looks like fun was had by all. The chalkboard paint was an inspiration.



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