Monday, February 6, 2012

What I did on the weekend

I couldn't get a good picture but this heart has the
most amazing mix of colors.

Since I was in town on Saturday (by town I mean Ottawa) I stopped by the Canadian Beading Supply  They have a huge selection of precious and semi-precious beads and they do a great job of displaying the beads.  So I love to go and just look.  Of course there's no just looking and I ended up making a few purchases and spent Saturday night making them into necklaces.  I finally got the opportunity to use some pearls that I bought there a few years ago and used up a few other left over beads.  

On Sunday I started to make a few of the heart patterns that I've collected over the years. This one is from Karey Solomon's Hearts were made for Tatting. The out line around the flower is fantastic. I'm not sure if I wasn't reading the pattern right or if there is a line missing but I had to improvise a section based on the picture. I used a variegated Lizbeth thread and really love the color combinations.  The depth of the colors really aren't showing up in the picture.  The thread is really much nicer than this picture.


  1. You found some beautiful beads! I love the heart!

  2. You found some beautiful beads! I love the heart!

  3. I love to go to a good bead shop: I used to live 50 minutes away from one, and spent a good chunk of dough there. Now I live 3 hours away, so I almost never get there.
    Your heart looks great!

  4. I love this Karey Solomon heart. I have her heart book and have not tatted this one. Now I have to!
    Fox : )


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