Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Bubble Gum Tree and a Big Box of Nothing

Ayan (my friend's son) turned 4 on February 14th and his party is tomorrow. This kid has lots of everything so Ayan's mom (my friend Sal) told him to say nothing whenever anyone asked him what him wanted for his birthday. When asked Ayan did what his mom told him but figured he didn't need to be happy about it.

When I asked him last week what he wanted for his birthday he looked at his Mom for a second and then answered "nothing" in a very sad voice. 
So I asked "really all you want is nothing?"
Ayan looked at his mom again
then said "nothing" 
Clearly he didn't want nothing and I asked him again:
"You want nothing?  A big box of nothing?"
Ayan got really excited about the big box of nothing
"Yes I big box of nothing!"  and he laughed.
So that's what he wants....and a bubble gum tree.  You really have to watch out how literal kids are when you're talking to them.  Sarcasm really doesn't mean much when you're 4.

The big box of nothing is harder than you think.  In about 10 minutes I'm going dumpster diving at the Starbucks in Carleton Place (best servers/barista's always).  They warned me that there might be a man living in there but otherwise I'm welcome to try to find a box.

Ayan already has scripted out what he wants to happen when he opens the box. 

The bubble gum tree is another challenge.  I've managed to make one but can't get a good photo.  Here's pictures of the process.

I have a clear flower pot that I put jube-jube hearts in and a  wire tree frame.  Later I ended up cutting the base down a bit because the tree was tilting

I wrapped saran wrap around the tree to add bulk.  I'm not sure I needed to do this.  I then started to add the bark (Gummy Belts but I thing fruit roll ups would work too).  I used icing sugar and water as the glue to hold the ends and used a small piece of wrap to hold the gummy belt until the icing sugar and water mix dried.

Tree with most of the bark.  I also twisted the branches to make them more realistic

I twisted and tucked in the ends.  I put the gum into saran wrap and used fish line to tie them to the tree.  I also helped to hold the bark in place.

Finished tree.  It was hard to get a good picture.

Wrapping is really important since it makes it look special.   He's going to be one wired up kid...I'm not responsible for the sugar induced mayhem that may ensue.


  1. Ayan will be one happy boy!...your creative compassion, insight and understanding of a little obedient guy is to be commended. Will be waiting to hear of his Mother's response also. Karen in OR

  2. That is a super cute tree. I bet he'll love it. I know my Livi would! The box should be fun! Boxes are always the fun part of the gift anyway, right? I've seen boxes used for space ships, lemonade stand, kid sized Jack in the box lol

  3. O.M.G.! I want a bubble gum tree, too! My sympathies to Ayan's mom after he eats that thing.

  4. Wow, what a lucky boy! I hope he's pleased with his big box of nothing and the spectacular bubble gum tree!

  5. This tree is just incredible! So creative! I had no idea where it was heading at first, but this is spectacular. Be prepared for orders!

  6. That totally reminds me of something out of Dr. Seuss- that is brilliant!

  7. The tree looks great!! What a wonderful idea! I am glad that I am no where near this party once the sugar start reacting with the kids!!!

  8. What a great tree! So creative.. .Can't wait to see the box of nothing.
    By the way there is a sweet kids book called The Gift of Nothing by Patrick McDonnell you might be interested in checking out.


  9. Thanks for all the comments. It was a big hit. I'm going to be looking for the Gift of Nothing so thanks for the suggestion Sarah

  10. Thanks for all the comments. It was a big hit. I'm going to be looking for the Gift of Nothing so thanks for the suggestion Sarah


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