Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween is done, now onto Christmas... unless you're American then its onto Thanksgiving


I had a great Halloween!  I love giving out the candy and my neighbours really get into it.  Mark and Melissa gave out whole chocolate bars and changed their backyard into a spooky witches haven.  I'm a little less imaginative and just gave lots of candy.  Everyone likes candy!

Well, onto the next season!  I was at the Dollarama and they are just getting their Christmas stock.  Every year there's some new and really neat stuff.  I found this star and silver snowflake.  I changed the crystal on the snowflake to pink and used pink organza for the loop hanger for my sister's Christmas tree.  She's been doing a pink and silver theme for the last few years.  It looks pretty cool.  The star I didn't alter but I was really happy on how nice it looked once I got it home.  You never know at the dollar store if something is junk or nice until you get it home.
My sister saw these tulle skirts at a craft booth and asked me to make a few.  It's a no-sew project which makes it really easy.  This one is for my friend's daughter.  I thought it needed to be super pretty so I added the crystals and pearls by hand.  If you are thinking about making a skirt, make your life easy by buying the tulle on the rolls.  That way you have the width you want.  I bought years of tulle and then had to spend time cutting.  Fortunately I have a rotary cutter and mat so I was able to cut 2 inch strips pretty quick... but it was still a pain in the butt.
Just a quick note that I've added the snail pattern from the Hector Tatting Seminar this sring to the side bar.  The butterfly still needs some corrections.  I also added a leaf pattern that I added to keep and share last fall but never linked to this blog?  Weird.   In case you were wondering the peep pattern by Karey Solomon I showed in the spring it is from the Tatting Times Volume 19, Issue 1, February.  Be careful- its very addictive. 

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