Wednesday, November 16, 2011

National Button Day

According to some this is National Button Day.  So in celebration of the thing that keeps our pants from falling off I'm posting this button snowflake pattern.  The link is on the right.

This fabulous blue button was purchased at the Baptist Church in Campbellford, Ontario.  Every Friday and Saturday in the summer they have a yard sale in the small barn at the corner of their parking lot.  I'm not ashamed to say that I've gotten quite a few neat things from there including this blue button.  Actually I got a box of several hundred blue buttons for $1.  A bag of 100 buttons went to my mom and 100 went to my 4 year old niece.  My brother claimed she didn't need them but really she did.  Buttons make everyone happy.  I still have LOTS of blue buttons.
I've been trying to make a blue button angel but things aren't quite working out.  The proportions are wonky.  The one on the left has wings that are too big and a skirt that's too small.  The one on the right has wings that are kinda stubby.  I think the head needs to be bigger as well.  I like the blue outline.  I worked on those in the summer then got a headache and set them aside.  It'll come to me eventually. 


  1. National Button Day - Yippee I love buttons. Just posted a button on my blog with tatting around it. Yours look great, very pretty, I can imagine them with white buttons in the centre and becoming snowflakes, they would make great Christmas decorations.

  2. wow, your picture up top, is stunning.

  3. Glad you were so luck in Campbellford. The button is fab.

    The only thing I have from that place is memories of a dead battery and a HUGE towing charge back to Toronto.
    Fox ; 0

  4. I must do it. It's absolutly wonderful.Thank you for pattern.


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