Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Teddybear Pumpkin Zipper Pull

I meant to put this up in September but time got away from me.  The teddy bear bead used for the center can be found at Dollarstores or bead stores.  Its a very common bead but you can use a 6mm bead instead.  Really its just what you have handy.  I used DMC thread because I have a crap load of it but I think that size 20 tatting thread is a good substitue.  I made the pattern last year so I can't remember what other threads I tried at the time. 

Teddy Bear Pumpkin Zipper Pull

Vicki Clarke 2010

2 yards DMC size 8 orange thread
Bear Bead ( or substitute a 6 mm bead)
Wind 1/2 yard on shuttle CTM with ball
Split ring finding (if making a necklace or zipper pul)
Green sequin (optional or substitute a green bead)
LS- lock stitch
lj- lock join

Pull thread through bear bead from bottom to top and hold loop using paperclip

Round 1
Ch1 LS 3 p 4 p 4 p 4 lj (to space held by paperclip) 4 p 4 p 4 p 4 lj (to beginning just under the lock stitch)

Round 2
Ch2 6
R 3+ (1st p of ch1) 3
Ch3 10
R 3+ (2nd p of ch1) 3
Ch4 8
R 3+ (3rd p of ch1) 3
Ch5 12 lj (to space above 1st lj on ch1)/ ball join to sequin and split ring finding (when pulling up the thread leave it slightly loose so the split ring can turn easily)
Ch6 12
R 3+ (4th p of ch1) 3
Ch7 8
R 3+ (5th p of ch1) 3
Ch8 10
R 3+ (6th p of ch1) 3
Ch9  6 join back to beginning. Cut and hide ends


  1. Cute idea for kids' clothes. Thanks.
    Fox : )

  2. How cute. I need to make some for my great grandkids. Thanks for the pattern.

  3. How cute. I will half to make some for my great grandkids. Thanks for the pattern.

  4. Nice to see a post from you again!

  5. Hi Vickie: Recently found your blog and have been looking through it. I have added some of your doodle patterns to my list of Tatted Doodles on the web and have two questions for you.

    First: Have you thought about posting the pattern for the snail you taught at Hector to your patterns? It's cute and I would like to get it and add it to the Tatted Doodles I have posted as a Google Doc for tatters to find.

    Second: Can you tell me which issue of Tatting Times Karey's Peep pattern is in? Another cutie that folks might enjoy if I tatted some to give away.

    Thanks for your help.


    PS: Please email reply, don't need to post this comment if you don't want to (and can edit this section out if you want to).\


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