Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

All 3 together

I keep seeing altered pumpkins when checking out the early Halloween decorators.  I've kinda grown attached to those crazy pumpkins and decided to try tatting an altered pumpkin brooch using beads.  I guess its kinda interpretational but I like what I turned out.  I find its challenging to take pictures of tatting when there's crystals involved.  I find I get one aspect really good and compromise another.  Either the beads or the tatting, rarely both at once.
You can't see the stone very well but the tatting really shows up

The stone and crystals show up but not so much the stitching

All 3 again but the black ones don't show up very well.  I thought the black looked better than the orange. 


  1. Have a happy Thanksgiving!
    Missed you at tat days.

  2. I find that with any mixed media involving tatting. It's so hard to convey the whole picture! So I know in my imagination how great these "altered pumpkins" turned out!


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