Sunday, September 26, 2010

Friday Morning

Friday morning at 6am I fell out of bed.   Yep, wasn't doing anything fun just turning off my alarm clock.  You see I have an antique bed that takes a 3/4 mattress but I use a double mattress.  So the mattress hangs over the edge on each side when you've just placed it but shifts to the whatever side you get out of bed.  So when I rolled to turn off my alarm clock I slide right off the bed.   I have a huge bruise on my right arm where I hit my nightstand, my butt hurts and my wrist is achy.  I suspect it would have felt worse today except I got adjusted and had a 20 minute massage on Friday pm.  Both really helped but I can't wait until tomorrow when I'll repeat the treatment.  I'm also taking Traumeel which is a homeopathic anti-inflammatory. 
Bad timing since I'm helping another Chiropractor whose been injured.   She hurt her wrist so Salima (chiropractor I work with) and I are filling in while she heals.  This means I working twice as many hours as usual.  Being a Chiropractor is physical work and you often break a sweat.  So I'm already a little tired and sore already.
Apparently you can have a mattress custom made and its not too expensive.  I think that after this I'm going to be looking into getting a mattress that fits.  I don't want to slide out of bed again.


  1. Victats,
    Sorry to hear that you got hurt. I sure hope that you get to feeling better soon. It might be cheaper to just get a full size bed. But you could check that out too. Good luck with figuring out which way to go on dealing with your bed.

  2. Oops! Yep, spring for the new mattress. Can't have you sliding out every morning and banging yourself up! Hope your next treatment does the final trick towards healing.


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