Monday, September 13, 2010

Not what I planned...

I had planed to post something different today but I didn't have the essential material needed to complete my mad inspiration. So a visit to Michael's is needed before I share my idea. This is unfortunate since I've already spent all my buttons on beads. Pretty, pretty beads that I thought I desperately needed...can't have too many Delicas can I?
Its okay but it spawned another idea that I can't complete since I don't have that material either. Fortunately, I think a visit to Canadian Tire may produce the burlap needed and the dollar store is a good source for Styrofoam balls.
It's all worked out because I realised that I didn't share something I had planned on sharing earlier. You know those flat, round shell disks that you often see in the dollar store? Well, I found a seasonal use for them- leaves (Leaf on a Shell Bead). You can substitute another bead or just skip the bead entirely by changing Ch1 to R 4-4-4-4-8-4-4-4-4 or a mock ring with the same count.

I also thought that the motif looks like a Chinese lantern (the plant).


  1. I can't open the file since the extension is .wps Love the leaves though!

  2. Hey, that's really cute! I have some of those shells, but they're not round. Hmmmmmm!

  3. Victats,
    Your leaves turned out really cool. Yes, it's the season for leaves of colors to show their magic. Your's are special cause they have shinny beads that match very well in the middle. Just the extra magic touch right on the mark.

  4. I have some of the round shell disks and now I have something to use them on. Thanks for shearing the pattern.


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