Thursday, September 16, 2010

I love this idea!

Once again I was following the link trail from blog to blog just wasting time. I do that from time to time to check out all the neat ideas out there. I came across this blog where she shows how to make envelopes using paper doilies. I thought this is a must have idea for anyone who makes lace. You can send all your creations in appropriately Lacy envelopes. Now where can you find paper doilies that come in a square? The ones I've seen are usually round.


  1. Very cool envelope for a tatter. Nie find. But, I have no idea where you would find a square one.

    I'll bet folks who are connected to baking wedding cakes or speciality cakes would know...

    Fox : )

  2. I agree - a great idea! What a pretty piece of mail to receive. You're right though - I'm not sure if I've seen square paper doilies? I think we could fold a round doily in the same way to make an envelope.

  3. I've seen some square and rectangular paper doilies but only in a few places. I think I found them where you find cake decorating supplies - like Hobby Lobby or Michael's. I think you have one or both of those in Canada. Very often a paper doily is used under the cake, and since they are made in all sizes, a cake decorating area would have the most variety. I even have some gold ones I picked up once.

  4. I have never seen a square paper doily either. That is a cool idea i will look for them

  5. I have seen square doilies but never as pretty as the one in the photo. Very cool idea.


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