Sunday, October 3, 2010

A little distracted

So I've fallen behind with converting my files to Keep and Share.  I will get back to it soon but I've been a little busy.  Between me and the other Chiropractor in our clinic (Salima) we are covering another chiropractor in the city that hurt her wrist.  She works by herself and had no-one to help when she hurt her wrist.  Since this isn't a common injury we are all waiting to see what's going on.  That means I'm working an extra 18 hours a week.  That's not a whole lot in other professions but in mine that's straight physical labour!  So I'm exhausted!  Between falling out of bed and working the extra hours I'm a little sore.  So I haven't been doing much other than sleeping when I get home. 

I'm also waiting for my sister to go into labour.  She was due on September 30th but so far not signs of baby Olivia.  I guess she's going to take after my father and keep everyone waiting for her.


  1. Victats,
    You don't have to explain to anyone. Due to several reasons. 1)you can only do so much. You are human not wonder woman! 2)You are helping someone who needs help. 3) You need time to take care of yourself or what good will you be to anyone? So everyone needs to not put pressure on you.
    As for your sister's baby,,no grape falls off the vine until it's time. She's wanting to make sure you are in good shape so you can keep up with her!

  2. Good Luck with Little Olivia! Hope she has a speedy arrival!
    Fox : )


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