Thursday, October 14, 2010

Baby arrived

I though I posted this last week but here it is a week late:

Baby Olivia made an appearance yesterday morning at about 8lbs and 19inches.   In what is typical Jessica fashion she drove us nuts all through her pregnancy and then pops the baby out with minimal fuss.  Gets us all excited then boom its over.  Her water broke at 9pm, she went into labour at 1am, headed for the hospital at 5am, was fully dilated when she arrived and baby was out by the time they called me at 8am.  So that's pretty quick.  Baby and mom are doing fine.  Mom tried to bribe the midwife to tell Jessica it was a boy but the midwife declined.  (Jessica has already bought enough girl clothes for the next 2 years)

I get to see Olivia this weekend because its Thanksgiving here in Canada.   So its been a great week for our family! 
I had a great thanksgiving and Olivia is very cute.  She's been so calm and easy that my brother in law is now wondering what's the big deal?  He figures its pretty easy to take care of a baby.  Ever hear of the saying "don't tempt the fates?"


  1. Congrats Auntie Victats! Now you can start spoilng her in ways that will lovingly drive her mom crazy in a loveing way. Yes, I have heard that saying, that her Daddy said. Happy Thanksgiving to your whole family & Congrats to all!

  2. Congratulations, that is exciting for your family. Tell your brother in law that Olivia will turn into a teenager.........

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome, Baby Olivia!

  4. Bahaha....I had one of those babies, they make you say "sure! let's have another if it's this easy...." And then it's all over after the second hahaha.


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