Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This little piggy

I have a tendency to buy yarn with the erroneous belief that I'm going to make something. I never buy a pattern (no that would make sense) so I have stray yarn. Its not exactly a stash because quite frankly I try to stay away from the wool shops and I'm cheap. Yarn can add up and I can't justify spending money on a project that I may or may not complete in a satisfactory manner. Plus I get real bored real fast with knitting. I have a beautiful scarf in progress that my friend would have loved to receive a few years ago. So I'm not the person to ask for anything knitted. Yet I can't leave the wool shop without a ball of thread in hand.
So last year when Leanne (a friend) mentioned to me that she was knitting stuff for her son's school bizarre I asked her if she needed any yarn. I had some pink stuff left over from a poncho and guess what? Leanne was knitting pigs. Yep, pigs! I gave her the yarn and they sold out right away. Since then I have been whining for my share of the piggies. Guess what? Leanne dropped them off today and they are the cutest little piggy-wigglies that I've seen. Scanners just can't capture the 3-d glory of my pigs.

On another note, I received my Secret Santa package on New Years eve and was thrilled with my stash of goodies! I don't have a picture because I had to put everything tatting away to protect it from dust and dirt while we leveled the floor of my kitchen. Thanks. I really love doing the exchanges but haven't signed up for many this year because I'm always late.
note- spell check wanted to replace erroneous with erogenous. Go back up and read the first paragraph again with erogenous. Struck me as funny.


  1. What darling lil' piggies! Oink!

    And sometimes the oddest things synch up with word verification or spell check, don't you agree? The Erroneous/Erogenous -- quite amusing!

    Thanks for posting today, I really enjoyed reading.

  2. Rofl @ spellcheck ahhahahahaahahahaaah!

  3. Thanks for the giggle!

    Fox : )


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