Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I've got nothing

I've got no pictures or tatting related stuff to share, So I've decided to share a tale of toilet paper terror with you. In my house there is no toilet paper roll in the holder-Ever! The reason for this will soon come apparent....

My parents came to my house on New Year's Even to redo my kitchen floor. I have what can only be described as a major incline in the back of my house. I'm talking 4-6 inches across 12 feet. So they came to my house to create small step, a sub floor and to lay new vinyl flooring. Given that there were extra people in my house and they don't know where I keep extra toilet paper I thought it would be wise to put a basket of extra TP beside the toilet. This way no one is stuck in the bathroom without tp.
I left the house on Friday evening to visit some friends. When I came back at 2 am there was scattered toilet paper on the landing upstairs and a mangled roll of toilet paper that someone had placed on the back of the toilet. Mmmm, it was late and I was tired so I left the shreds of toilet paper on the floor and went to bed. BUT, there was still TP in the basket on the floor. Next morning I wake up and there's one more roll of mangled toilet paper on the back of the toilet. In addition, there are little piles of shredded toilet paper distributed throughout my small house. It's like it was snowing inside!

I know that my mom or my dad put the mangled toilet paper on the back of the toilet. I'm pretty sure that neither of my parents decided to toilet paper my house in the middle of the night. They just aren't the sort and they don't have claws. There's no CSI to examine the shreds of tp but I know who did it. I've had this experience before and without any video evidence I'm sure the culprit is grey, whiskered and not a mouse.

No confession was forthcoming and no guilty conscience on behalf of the accused. She was crying and weeping for treats the next morning like a spoiled rotten brat. I don't know why I keep feeding her.


  1. You keep feeding her because you love her and appreciate her humor;)

  2. TOO FUNNY! I LOVE IT! Especially the whole CSI thing. I love those shows. Keep smiling and take pictures.

  3. heheheeh....because they're so entertaining!


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