Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pointsetta Earings

Pointsetta Earings or some other flower since I didn't have the sense to post this before Christmas???

This pattern is based on the same concept as dimple hearts, only instead of moving forwards and then backwards in the line of tatting you move back first. So the sequence is 3-2nd 1/2 stitch (set b) first then 3-1st 1/2 stitch (set a). This moves the stitch behind the line of tatting to create the point.

seta- 3 1st 1/2 stitch
setb- 3 2nd 1/2 stitch

Red Flowers
wind 1 yard of red thread on shuttle (I used size 20)

R 4 setb vsp seta 4 cl ring 5X
tie last ring to 1st ring and cut leaving 12 inches of thread to work with during assembly

Green Leaves
green thread about 1 yard

R 4 setb vsp seta 4 cl ring 5X
tie last ring to 1st ring and cut leaving 12 inches of thread to work with during assembly

Stamen: 20 inches yellow thread all picots are very large picots

R 1-1-1-1-1+ (gathered picot) 1 cl ring. If you are not good at doing a gathered picot then I recommend cutting and fraying the picots.

You end up with a green motif, a red motif and a yellow ring. To assemble stack the green, red and yellow sections pulling the thread down through the center of the green motif. At this point you have 2 choices:
1. use glue to hold everything together and attach the flower to earings through one of the vsp on the leaves.
2. use the green thread the make a creative knot (1st half flipped 2nd half unflipped) around the other threads, cut and tie. The earings can still be attached to one of the vsp on the green leaves.


  1. Cool! Thanks for sharing! did you wear these over xmas?

  2. Vicki,
    Since my resolution for 2010 is to start tatting my Christmas items beginning in January, your post is EXACTLY on time!
    Many thanks for helping me keep my resolution.

  3. These earrings are GORGEOUS! And they will help me to keep my 2010 tatting resolution (to create mixed media projects with tatting) so your post is right on time!

    Looking forward to trying to make these. Do I need a pattern or just free-style it using your stitch guide for the points?

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wickedtats- I didn't wear them over Christmas. It came and went too fast.
    Ishihara- Each earing is just 11 rings and some glue. If you have any problems email me.
    Helga- I've made the same resolution. I find I blink in September then Christmas is over!


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