Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just some pics...

I spent the weekend cleaning and reorganizing...really I'm not lying. Even though I ended up with a bigger mess I did most of my laundry and a lot of reorganizing. I also managed to start and finish a few items along the way. The picture on the left is what I made from some hearts, plastic beads, and yarn. I started making a garland, quickly got irritated and made a bunch of these instead. I think that the white yarn looks like wings so it's kinda a winged heart. Not really sure but I like the way they look.
I saw a pretty picture of wreath made from cupcake papers and a foam ring on My dollar store didn't have foam rings but they did have mirrors with a wide wreath-like edge for $2. So $2 more on cupcake papers and $1 on glue sticks got me this. The pink ribbon I had around the house and the gold wreath in the middle was from Christmas but also from the dollar store and I paid $2 for it at the time. The grand total of the mirror wreath was $7. Sweet!
Finally, I did some tatting. I made one of Tatbit's turtles from a patterns she generously shared on her blog: I don't have any pictures of the turtle but I was very pleased. I really enjoyed the pattern.
My friend Pat is great lady and her birthday was on Tuesday. Pat celebrates her birthday all month long but I was lucky enough to have her booked for lunch on her actual birthday! She is a member of the Red Hat Society so I thought I should make her a bookmark in that theme. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the pattern I know is somewhere on the Internet so I made one up! This is more or less the finished bookmark, the only thing missing is the tassel. As you can see I was is a bead mood after Teri's turtle. I made another version as well but didn't like how I attached it to the metal hook.

I had so much fun with the flower on Pat's bookmark that I started fiddling with some flowers on hand. I stuck some on this hairband and on a few other things as well.
This Tuesday I heard sad news that Mary Konior has passed away. The legacy that she leaves behind is immense.


  1. What cute stuff! If you check Mark Myers' tatting pages, he has a very cute red hat pattern with purple flowers. If memory serves, Ruth Perry has a red hat pattern, too. I may even have it saved somewhere, if you're interested.

  2. You have been very busy. I like all the neat stuff you did. I tend to get into my reorganizing moods too. Most time I get somewhere, other times not too much.

  3. Love the little bookmark you designed. Enjoyed reading through your blog today.
    Best regards.


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